Nebula Capsule Review

Upgrades are often a TOTAL downgrade! :rofl:

I was talking about those lousy TV programs all around the world only :wink:

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Hope you dont watch programs where those politicians are rescued.

Not sure I get that infograph.

At what point of distance Vs size do you notice a difference?

My TV is 39 inches, and I’m 8 to 10ft away, depending back or leant forward.

I’d know whether I was watching hd or hd+ against VGA screen.

Having said that… I remember THIRTY YEARS ago, I had a TV (old style, big box) that had a picture that I’d say, would if purchased today, hold up against a lot of TVs.

very nice review, i want one!

Here we have some deals for Nebula projectors and the first 50 purchase customers can get a free accessory as well.

Good review and photos @Seth_Tutera thanks for sharing!

thanks for sharing!

The Capsule makes it difficult since the screen size is adjustable but mainly the infographic says resolution is more important in larger screens. Also the further you are away from the screen, resolution become less important.

Would be nice to have some deals in the UK too!

I notice our German friends get a bonus when they buy stuff… What’s going on there?

I had to google to figure that one out… sooo sweet!

Great review and thanks for focusing on what matters. End of the day, it’s not for a theater experience and it’d probably be great for an outdoor movie night with the kids.

Great review, thanks for sharing.

Excellent review and photos! Thanks for sharing your review with us.

Yes definitely. And the Dex function is awesome.

And if anyone is wondering…

Anker has yet to contact me for testing :rofl:

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@Seth_Tutera your product review is now highlighted on Marketing emails sent out by Anker :clap: :clap:

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Wow this is a really interesting graphic. Thank you for sharing; it is very helpful!

No problem. Always happy to help!