My Soundcore Infini Pro review



Got my Soundcore Infini Pro review up:



Great video review for initial impression @Mitesh_Shah :thumbsup:

Thanks for sharing, looking forward to complete review for your overall experience!!


Great review, Dude, I love the setup you got going. Great job


Good review :thumbsup:
Although I quickly lose interest in video reviews :grin:


Awesome video! Thanks for sharing it and hope to see more in the future.


Great review! Looking forward to full review of your experience. Hopefully there is some kind of sound test for us.


great review! keep it up!


Great video review!!! I like it!! Good job!!!


Great review!

pinned globally #10


Great video review!


Nice review, good job!


Wonderfull soundbarr and review !!!


Good point about the limited HDMI ports. That’s a major limitation when you have lots of devices headed to the TV.


HDMI switches are a life saver thats for sure!


I am new to Anker, nice join this. saw this video review, it is very good, well polished. Only could not make out some words.if you can slow down between words.


Welcome to join the community! Hope some day can see your review here!


Great review @Mitesh_Shah :grin:


really great video review