My eufy battery doorbell does not recharge from the doorbell wires

My eufy “Battery Doorbell” doesn’t recharge when connected to my original doorbell wires. I’ve checked the wires for continuity; they’re OK and the original chimes ring when I touch them together. The eufy Battery Doorbell ran out of battery when it was attached. Why doesn’t it recharge when it is attached to the wires?

Are the wires attached in the right way?

I’m don’t think the power supply is supposed to charge the bettery on the video doorbell.
I thought (but thats just a thought) the battery will power the doorbell for ?? amount of time and the wired connection keeps it permanently powered.


This is a reasonable scenario!

Thanks! I charged the video doorbell and then reinstalled it. It now looks like it’s showing that it’s getting power from the wired connection. Thanks for your responses.

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Yes. The wires are attached in the right way. I recharged the video doorbell inside the house and then reinstalled it. It looks like it’s getting power from the doorbell wires now. Thanks.

My doorbell is correctly wired but keeps using the battery.
I checked the voltage on the two screws and it is 14 V AC
On the app it shows the battery status and i can see this is declining over the weeks.
How should the screen in the APP look like when on wire?
I will enclose a screen shot from my app.

Try the Eufy community.