My Anker AA and AAA battery review


thanks for the blog info , i was looking to changing my blog site :+1:


In my testing I found Anker AAA packing 10% more capacity than Energizer AAA (1289 mAh vs 1164 mAh)
That’s pretty huge for AAA battery. Well done Anker :+1:


I thought mAh wasn’t true capacity?


Hahahaha me n my fat thumbs!

Least this time it was a good accident.


Asside from buying online, i usually would buy the 24 packs or 36 pack from a store which run anywhere from 15.99 to 20.99. And with Anker seemingly lasting longer and you get more batteries its a no brainer. Cost per each battery is much better than Duracell or Energizer, so Anker wins hands down


Costco has 72 batteries for $20… iirc these are just rebranded energizer battery’s. Much better deal then any other lol


Sorry but the kirkland batteries are NOT energizer, but they are Duracell’s.


Oh yeah. That’s why i said “if I remember correctly”. I wasn’t positive lol. Either way it’s a good solid brand :+1:


Thank you for the thorough review. I’ve been thinking about getting these batteries, now I think I will try them out. I love the packaging too!


Not sure where youre paying that much.


Ahh, he found something that’s cheaper in the U.K.!


Great review Rob @Tank :ok_hand:t2:


I’m sure Duracell trade would be cheaper in USA also.

Trade are best cos it’s the same ginger battery but sold in bulk.


comparing 2 like batteries (same operating voltage) - it is ok to use mAh
for dissimilar batteries - use Wh


Again your trying to compare the cost of 24 batteries to 48 batteries with Anker


Wonder if they will start supplying Tesla batteries :pleading_face:


Possibilities are endless!!! May be batteries or may be the power car itself :muscle:t2:


The photo is quite obvs 48 batteries


I just looked at the box which says 24, didnt read the title at 48. Regardless id still take anker for lasting longer


This is my opinion as well :+1: