Look Out TVs! There's a New King in Town

Sounds like not bad to have them both. :laughing:

We have both TV and the Mars II. We use the tv for regular shows and what not and for movies and family night we use the projector.

@brandonpw91 you can use projectors for gaming but there is some lag, your almost better off using a TV unless you can account for the lag in the games you play

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Looking forward to grabbing the Prizm in the near future!

Currently watching Aladin on the Nebula Mars II

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Let me know how it is when you’re done. I’m sort of interested in it, but not sure if it will be any good lol.

Its good, i fell asleep the first time I watched it but now that I’m awake its actually pretty good. So yea, go watch it

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Thanks for the coupon codes!

I’d heard about specialized interior paints for walls intended for use as projector ‘screens.’ Is there still such a thing? Any recommendations from the community? Thanks in advance! = )