Liberty 2 pro Discussion

i bought liberty 2 pro recently, unfortunately i received the earphone with hissing sound, but the official say they cannot solve the problem now because the limitation of Qualcomm.
But some other’s reviewer their liberty 2 pro come without any hiss sound
So, i curious about one thing, is that possible the phone used to connect with liberty 2 pro will cause the hiss sound?
I’m using Huawei P30, and my liberty 2 pro have noticeable hissing sound with 2/3sec
Please comment below what model you used to connect with liberty 2 pro

That’s a shame you can’t get sorted out. As these are very good ear buds, the best I own, my other are much cheaper and less quality, Enacfire…Anyway upto now I have used samsung tablet, and a couple of samsung phones. A70…and J5, No hissing ? When I received them about 3 weeks ago I did the app and hear test, but I tend to just use the normal signature sound …What have you tried. Try different sources…and music.

Please make sure to update the Liberty 2 Pro via SoundCore app to firmware version 1.22…

The hissing / white noise is greatly reduced or almost negligible with that firmware.

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i agree with you, Liberty 2 pro did a very good job no matter what kind of music i heard compare with my powerbeats 3, especially the bass!!
but the only drawback was the hiss sound
That sound is harder to detect when playing music, but it becomes very obvious when the music stops
I have updated but the problem is still there
I can only hope that this issue will be resolved in the next update

Updated but the problem still there.
Yes, after update the white noise reduced a lot but still noticeable
Anywhere, i still enjoy with those earbuds
I’ll try adapt to the white noise

I read somewhere today that this hissing is worse with the apple phones, not samsung which we use ?? Any thoughts on this .

I don’t think so… i have Liberty 2 Pro and use it with iPhone 8 and iPhone X… with firmware 1.22 the static is very minimum, negligible.

Also the fair bit of sound is common on other headsets too.

No HISS at all on my iPhone 7… or my ears are filtering it :rofl:

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Lucky no hiss on mine too…about time the normal liberty 2 came down a bit more than £65… lol

I love my Liberty 2 Pro’s,
I do get a very slight hiss when there is nothing playing but nothing that concerns me.
I mostly use mine for Podcasts, but from time to time I blast music through them and they do sound fantastic.

I just got my liberty 2 pros yesterday and am using them with a pixel 4. There was a new headphone firmware update right when I connected them to my phone so I ran it first thing. I have no hiss what so ever and the sound is absolutely amazing! I am soooo blown away. I just lost my sony wf-1000xm3 noise cancelling headphones and let me tell you I prefer the audio signature and max loudness of the liberty 2 pros. These thing are loud as hell for earbuds and sound phenomenal. Keep in mind I’m huge on loud punchy bass and these do not dissapoint! Treble and mids are awesome as well.