Join Our Survey and You Could Win a 7-in-1 USB-C Hub

Hey Anker Fans,

Here at Anker, we reward handsomely for useful information, so naturally, we’ve decided to turn to the most handsome people we know—the Anker fans!

We need as many of you as we can find to spend a few minutes taking part in a survey about docking stations. If we receive over 150 responses, everyone who takes part will be given a chance to win a Premium 7-in-1 USB-C Hub, which allows you to transform your laptop’s USB-C port into an all-in-one 4K HDMI and USB data-transfer station. After the survey ends, we’ll choose 5 participants at random to receive a prize. :heart_eyes:

If you’re interested, have a look through the rules below, and then click here to get started.

Power On!


  1. Prizes only available to residents of the US, UK, Canada, and Germany.
  2. Prizes will be given out only if at least 150 people take part in the survey.
  3. The survey runs from December 2nd through December 13th, 2019.
  4. Only completed surveys submitted before December 13th, 2019 will be counted.

Thank you all for participating in this survey and we appreciate a lot every comment and suggestion you made for us.

The 6 lucky winners are:






Congratulations! The prize shipping delivery email will be sent within one week. Stay tuned for the next round of the survey!


Hey @AnkerOfficial, you may need to add another column/remove the attribute that makes the response need either one per row or response needed for each column. It is not allowing it to bypass that question with any combination of either selecting 3 or 4.

The question with the issue

The survey has updated! Check it out!:smile:

Worked perfectly for me , thanks @AnkerOfficial

But Dec 13th is a bit too short time… Hope 150 responses are completed!!

Shared over Twitter :+1:t2::v:t2:

That did it, appreciate the update to it @AnkerOfficial

Good luck to everyone! I don’t need the hub, but I’ll enter to help it hit 150 responses

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Please do the future surveys in another platform @AnkerOfficial Googledocs is not permitted when I’m at work. Will complete the survey later and share it.

I second that, google docs blocked, glad this was at night and did over the iPhone :smiley:

Would be cool to have it on Anker Community Pages by default

Hope we get to 150!

Done my part. I wish it reaches 150

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Only 32 entries (estimated) so far.

Entered, form worked fine for me! Hope you get all the entries you want/need for feedback Anker!

Since only 21 people have even clicked the link, it’s impossible that 32 people have entered :joy:.

I’ll share this contest on Reddit and probably enough people will enter lol. It’s worked every time before hehe

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Share it in every network guys, we need to hit 150. I wish we had a realtime counter on top of this page.
@Thanuj_Fernando how did you get 32??

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Survey Finished! Hoping to hit the 150. I will be forwarding this to others.

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Done mine too.

Survey completed!

With 345 clicks on the survey and counting, I think we just might have hit 150 entries. Although it could be one person spam clicking the link lol

Done and done. And I mean done!