It may have been asked before but...EVERCAM

Thank you for the warm welcome!!

I guess i’ll just get right into it here or start a new thread?

I just received and update automatically to the base and all cameras but unlike before, there is NO description of what was in the update.

Now we are curious as to what was in the update. :slight_smile:

I don’t have the cams myself but I know that @Ice1 and @yamyam has them and they might be able to shed some light on your query. :slight_smile:


Eufy Evercams have been rebranded now as eufyCams, glad your are liking and enjoying eufyCams :thumbsup:

@rgillbilly Welcome to the community. Most times eufy sends out updates to fix some minor issues that customers don’t see as they are done in the backend, Hence you don’t see any update log or release notes.

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Do you get insights what the contents of your MS’ updates are?
Plug and pray. :grin:
Often there is an update of the last update following immediately.
Result: Doesn’t work either: So downgrade is needed…

Hope the EUVY updates are doing better.

Hi @rgillbilly

You may check this link to see some little more details and infos about the current / latest firmware update of the homebase and cams:

Direct link: +++ GENERAL eufycam TODO-LIST +++



Thank you!

Was a touch worried as the two cams that came with base had a 1.8.8 sub after update and the others that were bought separate had a lower firmware revision of 1.6.8 and sub after update.

I had different firmware on different cams and when clicking update it stated…firmware up to date.
Woke up and all cams had force updated in the night to be all the same now.

You are welcome!

And it is not “magic” that the firmware update feature shows “firmware is up to date” even if it is not true and newer firmware is already available … thats eufy :wink:

Just wait until the cam/homebase automatically is updated then.

1.8.9 cam update on 6/3/19 with app update!

@yamyam I don’t understand. You have so many negative things to say about the eufycams, but yet you still love them.?!

I’ll never figure it out…

@yamyam loves eufy so much that he can’t live a day without hating them :joy:

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Exactly. Seems a kind of love-hate relationship. :joy:

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Only when you love someone / something so much do you want improve them / it :thumbsup:


@Shenoy hit the nail on the head.


Want to see hate? Join Arlo community… Their cams feature Cloud based recordings and their cloud has been down since may 24th.
So they get notifications of actions to view and nothing to go and view.
Total frustration and why we went with Eufy original cams. Started with two cams, and got 4 more and 5 door sensors. Took Arlos junk right back. What a headache.
Had reolinks Argus 2 before the Arlos.
Didn’t enjoy being 10 foot away and not being detected in broad daylight
Although not perfect.
Way ahead!!!

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Glad to see somebody near satisfied with their choice and purchasing eufy :innocent:

Most of us here share the same passion for a lot of Anker products, I did the same about Bolt … We just want to see our favorite brand Excel :slight_smile:


There is never a perfect product.
All have some kind of issues.

You hit the nail on the head again … if you continue like this, i gonna make and appoint you carpenter! :laughing:

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