Issue with Soundcore Liberty Air connected to MacBook

Yes. I bought mine in March 2019 and I could only use it properly with my cell phone. Lots of installs and updates however it only worked with my Dell Laptop after I turned off my Microsoft BT mouse. It seemed a problem with the mouse, since I could use BraView BT keyboard together … working ok. But everything working together, only with another BT headphone…

Just bought the Soundcore Liberty Air 2 Pro. Every few minutes the sound cuts out for about half a second. Did ALL of the above and more:
Reset BT module
SMC and PRAM reset
no other BT devices connected
no other BT activated devices near
deleted the Bluetooth files
reset the liberty air 2 pro
fiddled with the settings
reset everything again. Problem remains.

tried my 20€ Xiaomi Airdots… they work fine.

Any more ideas?

There is a special forum from soundcore you should ask there.
Many users of those earbuds.

There are those issues with macbooks described as far I remember.
I am sure you find some help there.

Hi Chiquinho,
thanks for the hint, I created another thread there. Hope to find somebody who can help there. I searched the forum, but the only similar problem I found was in this one: Issue with Soundcore Liberty Air connected to MacBook
As mentioned: I tried everything they did… but no success so far.

EDIT: oh, it’s THIS thread ^^ thought I was in another one ^^

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Good luck.
Otherwise a email to the soundcore support could be helpful
But I am sure they got no better ideas than the regulars have.:grin:

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Issue resolved! It’s a bug of MacOs monterey:
to solve: go to system preferences -> Sharing -> deselect AirPlayReceiver

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