How to Update Speakers’ Firmware



You mean like a stick and a rock??:joy::joy::joy:


Anyone found out what does Soundcore boost firmware update do? I don’t really want to do it if there aren’t any improvements over sound ,battery life etc.


Why make a computer necessary for updating a mobile device??? The “Anker Brilliance” just came to a screeching halt. The app won’t even recognize my new Flare.

I love Anker Products and Customer Service,. My home and car are full of Anker gear.

Just thought this should be moved up the ladder.

Correction: The Soundcore Android App can be used to update the firmware. No downloads necessary. Merely hit the four boxes in the top left hand corner of the App, select the card/panel for your device and continue. If your device needs an update it will be updated, restart, and begin working with the App. (((Follow the On Screen Directions CLOSELY))).

Should have known Anker would have this knocked already.


Yes, only the devices incompatible with the app require a computer to update.


That’s not necessarily true, last time I updated my flare there was a firmware version that was only available download and install with a computer.


New firmware for anker soundcore 2:

For Windows and macOS. Updates include bug fixes and performance optimization. Fixed Bluetooth latency issues.


Until there is an app for Soundcore 2, mine will stay on original software.