HomeBase 2 models

Hi all,

Is there different versions of the HomeBase 2 and if there is does anyone know the difference?

On https://uk.eufylife.com/products/homebase-2-eu-uk , it shows the HomeBase 2 with a small line for the LED, but the common and the one I have is the circle.

eufy%20homebase%20a eufy%20homebase%20b

A change in design normally includes hardware changes/improvements, so I am curious in knowing which is the newer, why the change, and also the tech changes.


You could create a thread there as well :


@Phil_F The main differences were covered under the post by @Ice1 here;

@ndalby I think you misunderstood my query, I didn’t want to know the difference between Homebase 1 and Homebase 2, I want to know why it seems there are 2 different physical looks to the Homebase 2.

I think the easiest way would be to contact the eufy support and verify the differences. I mean one could be the upgraded version of the other or other not.


@Phil_F Yep, just re-read…long day brain was a bit scattered.

Like @Duane_Lester has mentioned perhaps email support, chances are it will be along the lines of an upgraded hardware revision.

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