Happy Birthday to Me!

Hey everyone, I hope you are keeping safe and well?

This is my favourite week of the year as it was my birthday during the week. 47, I know, I don’t look a day under 60, right? :rofl:

But more importantly, it’s also the anniversary of joining the forum. Today I’ve been a member here for 3 years :tada:

Anyone else celebrated anything recently?
We know @ktkundy had some great news recently from her studies, but anyone else?


Happy Birthday @paulstevenewing and congrats on your forum anniversary. :slight_smile: Didn’t you hear? 40’s are the new 30’s. :wink: Or at least that’s what I’m telling myself :stuck_out_tongue: Enjoy your birthday and Happy Father’s Day if you’re one.


Congrats on the birthday @paulstevenewing :cake: and forum anniversary, hopefully a few beers were had on both counts :wink:

Had my notification today of four years (under community 2.0) :partying_face:


Thanks @Nhi I’ve loved my 40’s so far, but have quite a few more aches and pains than I did in my 30’s :rofl:


Hey @ndalby thanks.
Certainly did! :beer:
4 years, well done :+1:t2:

Congrats on the forum anniversary and happy birthday!! Thanks for including me in your celebration shoutout it was really exciting to graduate college!

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Thanks @ktkundy you’re welcome.

Hallo Paul,
all the best for you!
I am sure our friendship will last longer than this forum! :grin:

greetings from München

PS I am here since 9 June 2017


Hope you had a fabulous birthday! :beers: :tada:

I’m with you on the aches and pains - my poor knees always suffer after getting up from the floor after playing a board game with the kids!


No celebration this week other than finally getting a big tree cut up that was laying my yard. :rofl: My chain saw was not big enough. :slight_smile:

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So 5 years for you Franz.
Thats a great achievement :+1:t2:

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Sound like lots of good firewood in the making there @Duane_Lester

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Yes @star100x
Last weekend Charlie and I did a Lego build on the living room floor.
My hips and back were so stiff i had to eat lunch on the floor :cry:


Belated Birthday wishes @paulstevenewing , from the post looks like you had a good one!

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Thanks @Shenoy great to hear from you and hope all is well :+1:t2:

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Soup/beer using straws! :rofl:

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Haha, that would have been fine.
I had just a sandwich, I think :rofl:

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