Giveaway for 2021

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Lol come on now! :joy:


We need 1forthe new year

Currently no and I would say the word choice of need isn’t one I agree with. Anker was really generous with giveaways through the holiday season even starting back in October. Eventually at some point in the year 2021 I’m sure there will probably be a give away.

That being said instead of posting a thread asking about giveaways next time I would recommend simply just either searching the community to see if there are active giveaways happening or sorting the threads of the forum by deals and steals that often have the giveaways you would be looking for. This will help prevent the cluttering of the forum of threads where people are asking for free things.

Thanks for your time
Hope you’re having a great day and a very happy new year!


I just reported as spam and I’m guessing 2 or 3 flags means auto delete of thread. Really no point in talking about it since we have had this discussion several times across the forum. But I do agree with what you said


Demanding a lot, but doing nothing for that.
How do we like that! :smile:

I can’t even see the first post, it’s hidden.



How do i delete the thread

Dont mind leave it as it is.
No problems about that!

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