Flare 2 Permenant Link after re-start.

I bought 4 flare 2 for party play function.
Everytime re-start, I have to connect them one by one. I think they can not memory they were linked before.

I have other Soundcore mini 3.
The color of Mini 3’s bluetooth light is white after partyplay link eventhough It re-start.
I think Mini 3 can memory its setting after re-start.
But the color of Flare 2’s bluetooth light is blue after partyplay link when it re-start.
I reseted their bluetooth many times (Hold down bluetooth & + Button more 5 sec) & tryed but there is no permenant line.

Firmware of all of them is Ver 1.4 latest.
Is there anybody help me for partyplay permenant line of flare 2?

Seen this mentioned a few times (and on other forums). Believe its a limitation of the Soundcore Flare 2 speakers, that a fresh party cast linking has to be done after each power off/on.

Perhaps service@soundcore.com can confirm for you.

I could see how annoying that is when having to pair multiple Flare 2s

I don’t use flare2 anymore. It is REALLY ANNOYING. I hope firmware upgrade…