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The Apple Watch is a great device. It along with the phone measures all my steps and stair climbs etc. Add MyFitnessPal to the mix to track nutrition and now the bodysense smart scall to add weight, body fat etc and I All the info Is there to analyse and adjust. I’m no big fitness freak but want to lose a stone maybe. The treadmill is set up now and the Mrs has been on it. So with all this I’ll hipefilly enjoy the next few weeks

I do find “Closing the Rings” on the iOS Activity app a cool challenge and have in the past just walked around the house for 20 minutes because I’ve been a lazy sod all day hahah

You could do this without the watch of course. Your iPhone will track all of this minus the heart rate which I never use if I’m honest.

When I was on form


BodySense Scale


I’m a little biased with Fitbit. They are pioneers and made fitness trackers sexy again.
With apple watch one most annoying thing is that if you want to know the number of steps you have done, it requires 2 additional steps to dig into the step count. With fitbit and many other fitness trackers, it (step count) just stares at you on the main tracker window.
For me this is an absolutely must feature and apple watch fails big time doing this simple task.

But you have to think about the fact that apple wants that the apple watch is a smartwatch and not a fitness tracker. For me is that a huge difference.

Little vid of the new treadmill :grin:

Stick it in landscape :wink:


Nice video, love the Anker speaker.

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Cheers @elmo41683 got to have some Anker tunes on and decided to go for the Anker Premium Bluetooth Speaker instead of earphones.

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Picture overload… I LIKE!!!


Haha Soz :joy: maybe could of done a collage :confused:

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Indeed, the fitness tracker is a superb invention for those who monitor their weight, activity level, and overall health. At first, 5 years ago, I used my smartphone Samsung galaxy S6 to control the number of steps taken and pulse during training, but it made a lot of mistakes, incorrect calculations and indeed, it is uncomfortable in use. So, I took Huawei Band and it completely suited me, but I lost it on a trip. Then I decided to lose weight, but I had some medical directions and health prohibitions, so my doctor advised me the best exercise bike to lose weight and I returned to the question of a new fitness tracker. Now I use the Samsung Galaxy Watch because it can be connected to my phone and there are more possibilities than in simple models.

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I have the Xiaomi Amazfit and I’m pleased with it.

I was hoping Anker would make a fitness tracker, their hardware is very good quality and this product could fit in with their existing product line of chargers and other products.

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