⚡️Find the Anker Train and Win!



Oh, I did :sunglasses: I posted to my Instagram (although Instagram has been having trouble today with images): https://www.instagram.com/p/BzeIl0vhUkz/

But I’ll also post here too for the @AnkerOfficial community. The station was very busy as it was “rush hour”.


:clap: Super cool! Glad you found it :+1:


It’s a nice campaign and the train was clean. Well done @AnkerOfficial


Nice, how hard was it to find?


This is amazing!!! Did you just ride it around the city? What else did they have on there? Chargers for commuters?


Note the rules say a New York resident… really should be anyone.


Where’s the selfie?


Yeah, that’s what I thought. But a second look at the rules clarified for me :wink:.


As soon as I got to the station, it was waiting to pick up passengers. It’s the “S” shuttle which only travels between two crosstown stations. Not difficult find. I took a few shots and jumped in and rode it.

The “S” shuttle is the shortest ride on the NYC Transit system. It goes between Grand Central & Times Square. There were no chargers or ports inside but the interior and exterior were filled with Anker promos of their excellent products. Great idea for Anker.


It is for everyone that can get to that train, which is most likely anyone who lives, works or is visiting NYC during this time period.


That’s fantastic!! Great job!


I hope you get whatever it is they are giving :+1:

I’m too lazy to go up and read it lol


Off course your on it you handing out the goodie bags :joy::joy:


I’m confused…You have to be a New York resident to win? Not just present? :thinking:


Yes, only residents


Aaahh i am flying to NYC tomorrow, was sort of planning to get a selfie, now with this rule, may just drop the idea for selfie


Can you “move” to NYC for a day, thus becoming a resident, then “move” back at the end of your trip?



That’s awesome!


Great photos!!! :clap:t3:


Why in the rules does it say you can submit on twitter as well but then further down says only Instagram will count both should count right?