FIFA World Cup - who's following?

The English have learned now to be successful with penalty kicks.


After being 3 times eliminated at important competitions,
now they made it!!! :grin:


I think they were kind of lucky last night. Hendo has his pen saved and they were lucky the Columbian hit the bar.
A good save by Lickford though to get them back in it.

Iโ€™d love to see them Win it but the news channels over here would be non stop going on about it. I mean Lee Dixon and Ian Wright weโ€™re crying last night coz they won a penalty shoot out :scream:


The football of our days is far away what it was in the 1960/70.
The โ€œstarsโ€ are overpaid incompetents, nothing else.
Its not worth to watch the matches of those millionaires.