Expand Your Capabilities | Win A Free USB-C Hub

Ola Tiago!
Tudo bem?
Toda a familia com boa saude?

Hope you and your family are doing well!

I’m all right, thanks! Keeping mine and myself safe during the lockdown. I’ve been out because, since daycares are still closed here, I’m parenting full time - and, let me say, parenting a 2-year-old brings a whole new meaning to parenting full-time.

I hope everyone is keeping safe as well!


I won’t be entering this giveaway, good luck to everyone who does


Good luck to everyone who entered!


Waiting on the results :blush:


@AnkerOfficial any updates on this giveaway yet?

The winning notification email has been sent out on May 27 already. :wink:
Only winners would receive the emails this time. :+1:

So by logical elimination, your selection is not random?

You removed this community members?

It is random.
And because it is random, we can’t 100% guarantee any people to win.
The system does not eliminate any group of people while picking the winners.
Sometimes a few community members get some, sometime we don’t. It depends on the size of the applicants and the number of prize. Basic logic is, more people take part, less chance each one can win; less prizes available, less chance each one can win.

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Why am I not seeing any “I won!” here?

I should try to get that fellow “random” as a friend helping me to win! :rofl::rofl:

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really hope someone from community would have won :crossed_fingers: and come forward with the mention!

None from community ?? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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That is an exceptionally odd random.

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Nada. The losing steak continues.

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I think there may be a fairly large chunk of the forum that didn’t enter due to not needing the items.

But I don’t have any facts to base this on, just speculation.

The promos for Anker / Eufy / Soundcore have a lot of sponsored ads / pop-up so many times on Twitter and Instagram (and also on Facebook), lot of participants may have entered from social Media and those go in thousands… This very much reduces chances of community members…

Just the other Soundcore Spirit Dot 2 has 26K clicks so far, which also may have converted to entries…

Lol I’m guessing only outsiders won

Same here :sob:

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