Eufycam with Solar panel

Hello all,

I have the original Eufycam and I am trying to add solar panels to keep the battery charged. Can someone please tell me the specs required of a solar panel to make this work? Not just the now released Eufy Solar Panel.

I have tried with a generic 6w panel that through the Eufy app shows that a panel is connected and that it is charging with the battery status bar. However even in full sun the battery percentage does not increase for the camera. All firmware is up to date.

Thanks in advance

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You can ask here :

A 6w panel is more than enough to charge these cameras, but you also need to make sure to switch the power source within the app from battery to solar panel n order for it to charge properly

Thanks for your reply. I have changed the setting in the app to solar. the panels are in full sun and the battery indicator shows that it charges. The percentage amount does not increase even after several hours.

Thanks, i’ll post there also

I’m sure it will take a while.
Keep an eye on it if something changes. :wink:

Search is your friend as always.

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If all redundant questions asked and the given answers would be deleted.

Not only the internet would be empty! :laughing:

And that was the first thing I did in multiple forums. After reading, most had no answers as to my problem. Thanks for your reply.

true that.

There’s a lot written here, top hit on the search above.

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Yep, I went through that post before putting my own one on. Still didn’t help with my experience. Cheers

I fitted a solar panel ( proper Eufy one 2.8 watt ) couple of days ago but forgot to change mode from battery to solar panel until today. When I first plugged the panel in ( on top of a ladder LOL ) i noticed the blue ‘charging’ led flashing on face of camera, not wanting this to draw attention to the camera i stuck a small piece of black tape over the led. I watched the battery level for a couple of days and % stuck at 85%, the animated battery level was moving when sun on solar panel, but no increase in %. Today I investigated changing mode to solar panel in the app, the animated charging icon went away, went back to the non-moving display just showing bars and a % and a small solar panel icon appeared next to it in power manager. will monitor the charge % for a few days, one thing I did find out though, by switching the power mode to solar panel in the app it stops the blue charging light on the camera flashing. One thing that did occur to me, it is not good to keep lithium batteries at 100% charge, so maybe solar panel will stabilise % at a lower level to protect battery.

EDIT - a couple of hours of decent sun today ( after turning the mode on camera power mode to ‘solar panel’ last night ) and the % charge has gone from 85% to 89%… PHEW, glad of that, with the camera plugged into solar panel with power mode on ‘battery’ the % actually dropped from 88 to 85% over a couple of days…