EufyCam test footage review

The audio is waaayy out of sync :confused:

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I agree. At least a 1/2 second…

That is sadly one of dozens of problems which exist with eufycam since they have been releases end of last year and never been really fixed :frowning: Everyone who uses eufycam (with a considerable amount of videos per day) knows what i am talking about. Another problem is, at leats for me, that in about 20-40% of the videos the sound (mic) starts about 2-6 seconds(!) after the video recording started.

Means: You playback the recorded video and the sound of the first couple of seconds is just missing because the mic started to late with recording. And if this wouldn’t be enough, the rest of the audio is then out of sync too in many cases. Who else is having this issue?

But out of sync video/sound is typical for eufy cam videos and i wonder when (if ever) they finally will fix this problem, as the cam already is on market over half a year now!

And OUT OF SYNC is not just annyoing
… it reall sucks (when you need to watch/check about several hundred videos daily like me)

There is definitely some lag on the audio but the video quality is nice. Thanks for sharing. :slight_smile:

I was an original kickstarter backer and ended up returning due to issues I had. I’ve seen a lot of updates so it seemed like things had gotten better but maybe not…

No question, there have been updates and some things really got better and improved.
But some really annyoing issues like this above and some others, known for half a year, havn’t been worked at. If you want, you can read my “rant” from today here … direct link: +++ GENERAL eufycam TODO-LIST +++

Have you reached out to Eufy support directly on your issues?

In the case that you mean me:

It’s impressive how much time you invest to get a better product.

Are you doing this with other products as well?


Thank you very much for taking note about that! @Kopra_12 :hearts: :thumbsup:
I would wish eufy/anker would see and appreciate that too :cry:

But we all want the eufy cam to be the best security cam on the market. So we need to “do” something for it, as currently the product is not as “perfect” where it could be. And if we wait until eufy itself starts making features better, fixing issues or implement community improvement suggestions, then it will be the time where the unicorns will rule the world! :laughing:

Not always. For sure not for a 50 bucks product, but if you already invested several thousand euros in a product (like me), or even if you just got one single cam and want it to be the best cam at the world and all issues to be fixed, it seems you need to keep the “pressure” permanently high enough to prevent eufy standstill :sleeping:

Time not yet came where eufy can rest from his laurels - there is still a lot of work to do!

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Honestly just reading through your comments and posts makes me not want a eufycam. There appears to be too many glitches…


Yea but have you called actual support or emailed them?

I don’t think the forum is a good place for logging issues personally. I work in IT and the saying goes if there isn’t a ticket logged there isn’t a problem. I don’t agree with the sentiment but thats how it is a lot.

New Home Base / Camera FW update (today) that’s looks to address the following:
Optimized Motion Detection Sensitivity and recording time
Optimized streaming transmission to reduce latency
Optimized Google Voice Assistant streaming to reduce latency and avoid streaming failure
Optimized audio on recording

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Sad enough that CUSTOMERS need to report firmwware updates and what it probably does. (instead of the company who is responsible for it and to do so)

But if doing so, please always report the firmware and/or app version of the update you are talking about. This way everyone knows exactly what ou are talking about and can check if he already got this update.


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Thanks for the update @Dad4
Please report the version too…which these updates belong to?

I am having all current versions (as long as the app statement: “Firmware ist auf dem neusten Stand” is true!)


  • Firmware:
  • Subsystem:
  • KI-Version:


  • Firmware: 1.8.6
  • Subsystem:

Android App:

  • Version: 1.2.5_199

And i am still having the audio/video sync playback issues and that the sound (mic) starts recording audio 3-8 seconds after the video recording started. So i wonder what version and update you are talking about as i don’t see/get any updates in the last days.

@yamyam you have so much positive and negative information about the eufycams. Overall, would you say they are worth buying?

@TechMan That may be true, but all my reviews, comments, experiences, informations are true and from a hardcoreeufycamusingandthereforeexperienced “expert” :grin:

Overall? It’s hard to say as it depends on everyones own situation and needs about a security cam system.
For one there is maybe a 50$ “trashcam” from the rummage table of a electronic outlet store enough, for others not and they need more “pro-stuff”.

Let’s say it this way:
If you have enough money left and can afford eufy cam, than it is defenitely worth its money and probably one of the most modern and high-tech cams available, even if the video codec is outdated and could be more up-to-date (even if the most never would notice that the video quality could be better and the current is enough for most people), and the resolution is only 1080p (while others already got 4K) and the range is in some cases and for some downtown living users (like me) is really horrible (max 12 meters in my way, thats 40 feet).

So yes, eufycam its worth its money when you can live with the above mentioned disadvantages and main issues. And there is still hope that eufy / anker will finally start working off the available TO-DO List which contains issues from the last half a year, to make the eufycam even better as it is already. And if they finally release an own solar panel to solve the fast draining battery problem (for hardcore users) and also the longtime announced and hardly needed range-extender(!), then i could definitely recommend the eufycam!

eufy cam is a nice piece of high-tech and probably one of the best available security cam systems!

Currently, whit the known and unsolved issues, i would rate it 3 out of 5.
If the promsises will held and the issues being solved in the near future, i would rate it 5 out of 5.

But i sadly have to note that the speed and willing of answering questions, fixing/improving things and releasing updates with corresponding changelogs has been greatly diminished since the eufycam is available in the market. I hope this will not be a permanent state of affairs from now on, there is still a lot of work to do!

But in general, the cam is mostly useful and working in the most cases, bot not yet flawless.

Price-performance ratio for the regular eufy cam kit, like shown here is a little bit to expensive but much better now, as the price already droped from 499 € to 455 € in the past months:

Price-performance ratio for the eufy cam E(!) kit, like shown here is better, if you can do without A.I. face recognition and a little bit lower IP-classification and you like the standard “like ever other cam on market” design:

**Important fact is, that the AI-feature of face recognition depends on the HOMEBASE(!) and not the cam itself! And as the price for the regular eufy cam kit has noticeable droped and the difference is currently just about 50 € - i would absolutely recommend the regular eufy cam kit.
Better IP-classification, AI included and i also like the design more than eufycam E, but thats a matter of taste.

This means: If you would buy the regular homebase (the better one), you can still later on add also eufycam E(!) to your system - if you like them more - and they will have facial recognition!

My hint:
If you are interested, wait for a special discount promo or something like black friday and then get the eufy cam kit you prefer and which fists your needs at most. You can hardly do anything wrong then :wink:


Ultra short version: 89,5 % YES! :grin: , but there is still much room for improvements and fixing!

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I like your evaluation… guess you have huge math work sheet filled with 1000’s of formula’s for coming to 89.5% :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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