eufyCam Software Updates and Upcoming Timeline

I agree totally with you, this is actually a must have.

Also the current software needs smarter functions.
Possibility to like when a door entry sensor detects door opening directly enable certain camera.

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:calendar: 03.08.2019 or 08/03/2019

@AnkerOfficial @AnkerTechnical @AnkerSupport

RELEASE DATE of the EUFY CAM RNG XTNDR ??? :hourglass:

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I definitely need a range extender. I have one camera that barely has signal, but really need the camera in that location. I am really hoping release date is 8/3/2019… which is today!

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Ehmmmm … @dicejedi … The date is today (yesterday), yes. But only posted to remind @AnkerOfficial how much delayed the Range Extender is already!

The sentence below in capital and bold letters … is more a question and demand, not a statement that the eufy cam range extender is released now … even if we all would wish :innocent:

For you i changed the ending of it from ?! to ??? to make it more clear, sorry :wink:

Understood! Got it the first time around but i was trying to be nice and see if they would comment. You can change it back to ?!

Oh … then it was me who not understood … lol … send me a broad hint next time :wink:

@yamyam, I noticed in the base update today 6th Aug, the base station can now operate on wifi to extend the range. No Ethernet cable required.

Thats correct and i know you wanna help and don’t mean it bad.


  1. The update which made this change (homebase can be reached also by WLAN) is already some weeks and update ago, has nothing to do with the current updates incoming. Just for info :wink:
  2. This is NOT AT ALL a help or replacement for the promised eufy cam range extenders!

The only way to satisfy everyone and to finally fix the badassrange of eufy cam is to finally release the real range extenders(!) No discussion. I know, they obviously thought they can just add this feature and then they would not need to fulfill their promise. WRONG!
I already located the homebase in a room and location of my flat where it doesnt belonged too, just to get my most important cams at all at the maximum joking range of 12 meters. I will NOT AT ALL locate and place the homebase OUTSIDE of my flat (!) and conntected by my WLAN, just to get my other needed camlocations (15-25m) finally in range and online! That is and can’t be any solution at all, for security reasons at first(!).

I hope you get what i mean and try to tell you. Sure, my WLAN range is about 30-40 meters around my flat, no problem at all. This would be a (very bad and sad) “workaround” which probably would work, but will never ever put my homebase outside of a secure area (my flat) just to finally reach all my cams i need! That would be ridiculous.

The 3rd party WLAN network just can’t fix the horrible range issue of eufy cam!

The one and only sulution to fix the range issues of eufy cam is that @AnkerOfficial @AnkerTechnical fulfil their promise made to tenthousands of customers and finally release the range extender.

And to be honest:
The eufy cam is a really great product and in many points i am very satisfied and my expectations even been exceeded in some cases(!) But the range issue is (currently and right before the activity/motion detection recording zones issue) the most urgent one! And it is kind of shameful, that a company and brand like anker, with all their employees, technicians, engineer and money are not able to develop a simple range extender for the eufy cam in over half a year now! Think about this … i just can’t get this. How can this be?!

I also can’t get why anker / eufy hasn’t release their own eufy cam solar panel yet! Thats easy to develop and release and can be made in months. Nothing … thats bad for business! I already had to buy THREE(!) 3rd party solar panels to power my cams. I rather would buy original eufy cam solar panels, to make sure they are perfectly tuned for the eufy cam needs and i will not damage or harm my eufy cam bettries. I just can’t … they do no exist! While every other big security cam brand DO HAVE and sell their own solar panels(!) … How can this be?!

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@AnkerOfficial IFTTT was originally promised in the KICKSTARTER campaign you cannot drop the feature all together.


I’m surprised how few people are complaining about the last bullet point, access on desktop computers

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Why? … You do HAVE access to all your videos on the desktop computer :white_check_mark:

… if you monthly pay for it! :rofl:

Can’t use it offline though :unamused:

Hi, is there any update on this timeline?, cause it seems to be largely overdue in some points…

How dare you!? … 5-6 months overdue is still in (anker)time! :+1:
irony off



Hi @AnkerOfficial,

I recently purchased 4 Eufy cams with 2 base stations ( each box has 2 cams and 1 base).
I like all the features on the eufy cam and very impressed with the quality.

One missing feature which is mentioned on the box is integration with IFTTT.
It is clearly mentioned on the box that Eufy cams will work with IFTTT but I don’t seem to get it to work.

Can you please help?


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My sincere condolences and welcome on the list of ppl who bought this product relying on the promises made by @AnkerOfficial

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Hi @Ullrich, @AnkerOfficial,
I saw the Eufy cam 2c released here in Australia and seems cheaper than Eufy cam 1.

Can anyone kindly explain what I would be missing if I were to return Eufy cam 1 and go for Eufy cam 2c?

Would also like to know the same. as @Dragon2

To my knowledge, the “2” versions will offer homekit integration. That is all i know. Sorry!

Here is the list of features for version 2 (Mainly the HomeKit)

2C on the other hand is a cheaper version,

  • with 180-day battery instead of 365 days,
  • No battery backup for Homebase
  • No expandable local storage (check facts), comes with 16GB eMMC
  • of course no HomeKit (Only Alexa)