EUFYCAM E detection problem


I am a new user of the Eufycam E. I installed it 3 days ago and did some testings. both cams have to be mounted parralel to my house on the brickwall to see the interesting spots (frontdoor and backyard).
While testing the nightvision, I found out that I needed to turn the cameras away from the wall in order to avoid problems with the “warm” wall (the rest of the picture was pitchdark, only the part of the wall could be seen.) Marked with “2” in the pictures are the walls. This is how it looks right now, without giving trouble with the walls.
BUT! Now the cams only do motion detection in the zones marked with “1” (the black marked zone is neighbors territory and not interesting to me.

Do you have any suggestions to this problem? Could longer mounts solve it?

Thank you.

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Hi @Maehle … at first: nice illustrations! You are investing as much time and effort in it as i always do. Great!

This thread may be interesting for you: [eufy cam] Motion Detection Zones aka "Activity Zones" - Issues as this problems and issues are all well known since months, without eufy to solve it.

Moin @yamyam :slight_smile:
the problem is not the “activity zones” (as I did not set any). The problem is, that ONLY in the “1” marked zone any detection is done (either in night or day vision). Which seems to be only the “middle” of the view of the camera as it is tilted really far to the right.
I am thinking of buying a longer wallmount so that I can tilt the camera again a little bit more to the left without having the wall too much in sight.

Oh ok … :relaxed:

does anyone have experience with these? :

Could work, but i guess the the metal thread is a little bit too long.

@AnkerSupport; @AnkerTechnical; @AnkerOfficial why is the motion detection only triggered in the area marked with 1?
I set no activity zones. Is this possible to fix?