Eufy Video Doorbell 2K Chime Bypass problem

Got the Eufy Video doorbell 2k, when I checked my Chime, I don’t see anything labeled as Trans or Front. Can anyone tell me how to bypass it? there are no Brands or model numbers printed anywhere by the Chime. Pic attached. Thanks in advance!

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As you can see from the photo, I have virtually the identical doorbell type… and the identical problem. I contacted Eufy support and they told me to go find an electrician to figure this out… an answer that I berated them about (hey – doorbells aren’t “1 size fits all” and this is their business… they should know).

The obvious differences between yours and mine are that I’ve got a second chime in the house and the circuit board markings are different. Otherwise, it’s clearly the same model.

I’m still working the problem… will advise if I find a solution (though I got my Eufy unit in August, so it’s clearly not been terribly easy to do).

Just learned the answer – and it’s a bit embarrassing. These pics are NOT related to the doorbell.

I just had our ADS security tech in to add an additional door sensor to our system and he tells me that this is the security siren for their system. We’ve got 2 of these – one upstairs and one downstairs. The doorbell is actually located elsewhere in the house (found that, too).

So… the Eufy doorbell will not impact this device at all… it will be the “real” doorbell that we’ll bypass. Oops.

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