Eufy Security requires login

The same as kut2, and nothing is able to fix the issue even on different devices!

App version: v4.0.1_1206(eu)

Too many problems

The requirement for logging in shows the the users of the app, don’t actually use it.,

I got around the password by enabling faceID on the iphone, but then I can’t use the app in the dark at night … which is EXACTLY when you likely would need to access the app, and access it QUICKLY.

Clueless EUFY, ANKER folks … passwords and faceID(s) in the darks are neither secure nor fast.

You ruined the app … fix it asap. If I was your boss, you’d already be FIRED.

The lastest ios app STILL requires password or faceID to log in.

Regardless of whether 2FA is used.

The literally ruined this app from a usability – SECURITY standpoint.

So in th emiddle of the night, now I can’t even see the cameras, because
face-id doesn’t work in the dark.


Eufy, did anyone even think this process flow through?

I can say with confidence, they did NOT !!

May be some developers/programmers live in day and night brightness! :smiley: