Eufy Security Floodlight with Camera - Light Always On

I have contacted eUFY - Security support and they said, the unit might have an issue with the firm ware it has and requested for replacement. I did get the replaced item and it is working as expected (LIGHT turns ON / OFF).

I bought a new eufy security floodlight and installed it today. Every thing works, except the light won’t turn OFF. It always stay on.

Registered the device on my android phone. Used “Turn Light On”, the icon turned yellow and says the light is ON. When I turn it OFF, the icon turns black, but still the light is ON.

The camera turns on / off as expected. Motion detection and notifications works fine as well.

Any one had similar issue. What do I need to do to fix the issue.

Thank you.


I’m having this same issue. I just bought it, and installed today, but now the lights won’t turn off. I’ve updated the firmware and restarted the device. Not sure what else I can do

Same here bought 2 of amazon, first one worked fine so got another one. on this one the light stays on day or night can only be turned off by killing the power supply. Very disappointed

I just installed mine and have the same issue. The lights are always on. The app lights setting does not work on them - motion detect, brightness, areas, etc.

Any fix on this issue? Keen to get some help.