Eufy Security App Preview

I downloaded the Android app and as I was setting up the system & I get the following

“the Homebase needs to be upgraded”

It’s been updating for the last hour.
How long does this take to update?
What should I do?

I don’t want to cancel the update and cause errors/brick it.

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Contact eufy customer service

I guess eufy support is non existant.
I emailed "" as you asked.
Two days later and still no answer.

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It normally takes 2-3 work days to get a response, they are off on the weekends. You can also call them, sorry I didn’t say that earlier. I feel your pain.

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@Wirkinman Sorry for our support team didn’t reply your email in time. Please keep the device plugged for 2 hours to finish the upgrade. If possible, please let us know your ticket # and we will take care of your concern. Thank you!

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I keep it plugged in over 7 hours and still doing the same, upgrading.

Where do I get a ticket number?

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You can find the ticket number in the automated reply that you received after sending support an email.

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I don’t recall ever getting a automated reply on the first email i sent to So, I sent another email and I got the same results… NO REPLY!!

I’ve downloaded and installed this app.
When trying to setup the eufy home security system, it says “this homebase needs to be upgraded” and the only option is Ok. It seems like it’s going to download and after 7 hours, no change. I’ve tried several time and the results are the same.

I reached out to eufy on their forum page and was told to try
I tried sending emails to TWICE and have never received a response.
I Need SUPPORT on this product!


I messaged @AnkerSupport & @AnkerTechnical directly about your problem and linked the forum topic. They do not work on the weekends but you should get a response in the next day or two.

Again I know how frustrating this must be for you but have faith that @AnkerOfficial @AnkerSupport @AnkerTechnical will sort out the problem.

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I am having an identical issue. Please post solution on this forum. Thank you.

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So those that downloaded the Eufy security app have purchased the new Eufy security camera?

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Sorry to hear this news, we would like to help you after we locate your ticket #. Please note that you will have the ticket # after you send us the email successfully. Can you confirm it again?

Please email us at We would like to help you fix this issue as soon as possible!

FYI, I just got my cameras a few days ago and ran into the same issue tonight trying to set it up. I suspect maybe it’s some race condition in setup/update.

  1. Launch the app
  2. Hit the button on the base
  3. App finds the HomeBase, then pops up “I need to format the SD card”
  4. I wait, it’s talking a while, phone goes to sleep when it says 20% or something.
  5. I wake my phone/the app up, it immediately pops up the upgrade message. I hit OK.
  6. Multiple cycles of killing/reloading the app, just says it needs to upgrade, I hit OK again. I try plugging my phone in and leaving it on in case somehow the app does the update and not the base. No luck.
  7. I shut off the base, pull the SD card out, reformat it ExFAT in my laptop, then put it back in. It boots up, home base works, no more warnings!
  8. Reformatted the SD card again from the app, just in case the homebase is picky about its own formatting.

Your mileage may vary, but if you have an SD card reader for your computer or something, try reformatting it and reboot. Worked for me.


Unfortunately that did not work for me!

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Someone have a link to the current app? Not finding it on google play!

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We feel terribly sorry for your inconvenience with using the app. It seems there is something wrong with the Google Play and the app disappeared now. We are in urgent contact with Google Play with the best efficiency and this issue will be resolved soon hopefully.

Currently, please click the following link to download the apk file of the app.

Sorry for taking your time. Thank you for your patience and understanding.


Thanks for the speedy response and alternate download link

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