Eufy security app issues

The Eufy security app is no longer on the web. Anyone know what happened?

So sorry for the inconvenience caused. For the time being, if you are unable to download the app from Google Play Store, would you please download the app from the following link?

We attach a great importance to this issue and are submitting new App version to Google Play.

Thanks for your understanding.

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My phone will not allow me to download from that source. Said it could damage my phone.

Have another solution,

You may go to settings on Android and enable options to install software outside from Google Playstore or third party apps.

Once this is done, you will be able to.install.

Use this if you need to install the app soon.

Or the alternative is wait till Eufy security app shows up again on the Google Play store. (Anker Eufy is already in touch with Google, hopefully this should happen next week :crossed_fingers:)