Eufy RoboVac 15C MAX review

I posted it here:

TL;DR: The eufy RoboVac 15C MAX is the best robotic vacuum under $499.


But if you want to cut the cleaning short (say you have a visitor), then you need to use the App to send it home , or use Alexa or Google to send it home , or manually pick up the RoboVac and take it home .

I dont have such one, I got a stupid 11S (2 years) old.
(No app, no Alexa, not smart)
I use the remote control to send the robot home!
May be this can be done with that model too or isnt there any remote control added?


The description says that it includes the remote. I guess I’ll have to go look in the box. Oops.

Even still, I wish the vacuum itself had a button that I could push to send it home. Usually, I’m in the kitchen when I want to cut the cleaning short. No Google/Alexa near me (and I don’t want to shout especially when baby is sleeping), sometimes no smartphone near me, and definitely the remote would probably be not on me.


I try to give “old Willy” by shouting some orders but he
isn’t listening to his master! (just kidding)

A true Neanderthalean home got no ALEXA and Smart things. :rofl:

Remote is fine for me!
But if you lost it somewhere its the same disaster as losing the phone.
(My wife calls here phone via fixed telephone!
Ring ring somewhere in the house.) :rofl:

( I got no such mobile phone, indeed.)

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Great write-up @onstar :+1:t2:

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Ok, I started using the remote more. I guess that will have to do.

Now, I wish it had a notification to tell me that the Dust Collector is full. Because sometimes I forget to empty it out. With 2 dogs, I have to empty it out daily.


I would like to see a bin full notification on the Robovac.
Not sure if other brands have it, but would assume it’s tricky for a sensor to pick up fluff and dust maybe?


Nice review I love the shade you threw at Roomba :+1:


Awesome review @onstar
Don’t know anyone with one, are they really that good?

May be such one could get installed by a kind of sensor.
But would it really work?
When I open the dust bin , there is often a lot debris under the filter.
And in the bin, there is a pale (pad) (I dont know the English expression) of debris and dust
in the middle and the rest is empty.
How to check if its full or not?

Simple technique!
Works fine if the sensors are clean by infrared and even when Wifi is down! :laughing:

We have 2 labrador retrievers. They shed like crazy. I run the RoboVac daily (~100 minutes). Currently, I see very little dog hair on the floor. If I don’t run the RoboVac for 3 days, then it looks like this everywhere:


That brings a LOT of work for the robot. :wink:

Of course you have to clean it totally and thoroughly
after each of that 100 min trips.

Good review liked it a lot

Great example @onstar thanks!

I love this @onstar
I don’t have dogs but Debs “malts” and leaves her long hair everywhere, drives me mad :grimacing:

Good review and I like your website, I know you only have 2 right now but I’m sure you will add more

Great review :clap:

Nice review :+1: :fire:

I added more to my review. After using it for 10 days now, I have a much better understanding of how robotic vacuums work (and don’t work). Still, for the price, this is an excellent value.

The top 2 complaints, to me, are really annoying. In the next year or two, I might just have to fork over $500-$1000 and buy a more advanced robotic vacuum. Hopefully eufy will have a suitable advanced robot vacuum available that will fix the dust bin issue (something like Roomba’s Automatic Dirt Disposal will suffice) and will have a great mapping system. I don’t know how good the L70’s navigation system is, but the top end Roombas will remember the layout of the house (and will continuously update) as well as remember which areas are more prone to getting dirtier and spend more time at those areas.

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