Eufy Doorbell on Echo Show

Hello I am interrested too by an automation when someone press the doorbell that the “echo show” show directly the video of the doorbell :slight_smile:

same here, but on google home assistant, I spent $400 CAD on this including the display, hurry up man!!

@AnkerSupport any news on this? It’s over a year now and your skill on Amazon get’s one starred like hell just because of this issue. Will it work some time in the future?

I read a suggestion (I can’t remember from where) to use a 2nd Echo device to issue a custom routine command such as “Alexa, show doorbell” when the doorbell is pressed. It sounded a bit kludgy, but since the Echo Flex is currently on sale for $15 CDN, I decided to pick one up, and it actually works! Now, if only Eufy would support the 2-way voice"answer doorbell" command, it would be perfect.

@AnkerSupport can you please provide an update from the engineering team on when the live notification feature will be available? A lot of customers would really appreciate it.

Was going to replace my Ring doorbell with Eufy but having read it doesn’t do Live popup when doorbell is pressed on Echo Show 8 I will have to look elsewhere it seems.

Please sort this out Eufy you have a good product but you need to keep up with Ring as this is a crucial feature for Echo Show users.

I am able to get this to work!! Setup a new routine in the Amazon Alexa app. For “When this happens”, select “Smart home” and “Doorbell”. For “Add action”, select “Custom”. then type the command you want for viewing the doorbell and what device you want it to occur on.


Thanks for the suggestion! This totally works! The delay is a bit longer than I’d like.

Yeah, it was very slow to come up on mine as well, but not any slower then when I speak the command.

I cannot find “Custom” option. Under “Add new” menu, I have just following “Alexa says, calendar, calling, date and time, device settings, email, fire tv, ifttt, messaging, music, news, skills, smart home, sounds, traffic, wait, weather”. Am I looking at the right screen?

Below “Weather” is “Custom”. I am using the Apple app. Not sure if that makes a difference. You may need to update your Alexa app.

I can’t find the „custom“ option too!
Ist the custom option only available in some countrys!? I have a german Amazon account. Or have I to activate a developer-view or something else!?

It would be greate to get this to work!

I did not do anything special to turn on the custom option. My Alexa app version on the iPad is 2.2.389238. I’m located is the USA

I would also like to get this working and willing to buy echo show just for this purpose. Can anyone tell me how long the delay is from pressing the bell to the video showing on the display.

I wouldn’t even need this if the eufy app had the option of live feed when the bell is pressed rather than having to click the notification.

It take 3 -4 seconds for me. - Sometimes.
Or else I get the screen trying to connect to eufy app, and no connection at all.
The person ringing to doorbell have gone by then.

It only works for video and one way sound. I can’t talk and answer the doorbell with Alexa

Are you saying the person ring the bell can here you? I can only see the video and hear sound but cannot answer back through Echo show

No Problem setting up Custom Routine Action to show the Doorbell on a single Alexa Device (this part is frustrating - you can only select ONE device from the available options for the Routine)
However I’ve added additional routines exactly the same but just changing the display device in the action and that works.
i.e. one routine for show 8, one for show 5, one for Fire HD10 etc so now display comes up on Multiple devices.
*My one question is how to limit this by time? For example if not home, don’t want these to come up and remain on live video all day - would like to display for say 30-45 seconds then turn off. Any idea how to do this?

*Edit - OK figured that part out too. Create another routine triggered by the doorbell press - this time for action first wait for (whatever time you want display to be active) then custom again and ‘Hide Doorbell’ from selected device. Again you only get one device so will need a separate routine to hide for each device you created to display

Name: Show Doorbell on KItchen Show
When: Doorbell is Pressed
Add Action: Alexa, Show the Doorbell (from Custom)
From: Kitchen Echo Show


Name: Hide Doorbell on KItchen Show
When: Doorbell is Pressed
Add Action: Wait 45 secs (or whatever time you want to keep display alive)
+Alexa, Hide the Doorbell (from Custom)
From: Kitchen Echo Show

and repeat BOTH for additional display devices you may wish to also utilize.

Can any body tell me if you can get a live feed on amazon show 8 when eufy security doorbell has been pressed UK ?

try the Eufy community