[eufy cam] Android App Update 1.3.4 from 18.07.2019

Hi eufyanics!

This thread is about the Android App Update 1.3.4 from 18.07.2019.

(Google Play just informed me today, 5 days later, that there is a new update available)

Here you can share your

  • experiences,
  • impressions,
  • complains,
  • issues,
  • screenshots,
  • feedback,
  • or even praise

with/about/for this update if you want. :grinning:

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Here is my first impression and feedback, regarding to the points listed in the update info posted in the screenshot above:

  1. All i noticed yet is that the icons for the number of videos and the gearwheel are now backgrounded with a gray circle. I guess its a little bit better readable now and i hope they made the number of records finally 3-digits long as i usualy have 99+ in there, not knowing if 139 or 251 or 303 videos waiting. Thats positive. The negative: They space every sensor needs now and is using, seems to be much bigger than before. Anyone else noticed any changes in the “homepage UI”?
    And while working on the “homepage UI” you could also have done this right away:

  2. Excellent, finally. Even if we originaly asked for:

  3. Nice and useful notifications-update/feature :+1: but read this: +++ YAMYAM's detailed eufy cam SOLAR PANEL TEST & REVIEW +++ (direct link to the post where the issue is named and showed regarding this notifications!)

  4. Havn’t checked yet.

  5. What should that be?!

  6. no comment

  7. Huh? “Donating” was already available and implemented some months ago and means nothing else then “sharing the video with eufy and allow them to use it”. Donating is very wrong and irritating word choice by the way.

  8. Huh? Where and how do i receive personal messages in the eufy cam app?!

  9. Tested and seen it, but don’t know what it should be good for and don’t think i will need it.

Regarding number 1 - they also got rid of the “running man”
For number 8 - possibly the messages in the main UI (next to the headphones)

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Oh… you are right, missed that one! :grin:
The “motion detection is enabled guy” icon is gone.

@AnkerOfficial @AnkerTechnical
What i forgot to mention regarding the “homepage UI” overwork:
Why not included my suggestion/improvement of the battery icon yet?

  1. Option to show percentage status instead of 5 bars.
  2. If bars choosen and charging by solar panel:
    Currently the icon is animated and showing/rolling all 5 bars up, showing the battery is charged.
    But this way you never know at which status/level the battery/charging is! Means: Only the bars should be animated which are “charging”. Know what i mean? Lets say the battery is at 3 of 5 bars and then starts charging by solar panel, then the whole time only bar 4 and 5 should be animated, showing that 3 bars is full and bar 4 and 5 is currently charging. / I always have to wait until its dark or unplug the solar panel if i want to see at which level the battery is at the moment, annoying.
  3. If percentage is choosen and charging by solar panel:
    The percentage calue should blink while charging and of course should show the current correct percentage value (increasing while charging)

Oh, you are right again! It’s possible to delete the system messages now. :+1:
But again a wrong and irritating word choice. Its not private messages, its “messages” or maybe “system messages”. Would be more clear.

I just updated the IOS app and the changes seem to be minimal in regards to the doorbell. Let me know if there’s something significant I’m missing…

step backwards

Unfortunately, I just had to notice that @AnkerSupport @AnkerTechnical took back a very senseful change from one of the last updates! :dizzy_face:

  • In the first months, since some weeks ago, it was standard that if you start a live stream, the mic is disabled by default - and you need to waste time and “clicks” to turn the sound on - every single time - very annyoing!
  • After pointing it out to eufy some time ago, telling them it would make much more sense that the mic is ENABLED by default instead of DISABLED, if starting a live stream, they changed it! :+1:
  • Now, after this above mentioned update, they undo! :-1: Now i need to enable the sound every time again when i start a live stream - extremely annyoing! (and then not even mentioned this step backwards in the “changelog”)

@AnkerSupport @AnkerTechnical

Would you be so nice and explain to us why you made this step backwards and took back a senseful change which has been made some time ago?! :open_mouth: And where is the problem to let US CUSTOMER decide if we want the sound enabled or disabled when starting a live stream?!

Just add an option, preferably for like everthing, and let the customer decide and config their cams like they want and need it. No matter if sound type, alarm length, watermark, mic enabled/disabled, and many more. Why is that so hard to understand for you?!

As more free and flexible the configuration and settings are, as closer you will be to a perfect security cam and as more praise you will earn.

I am curious about the answer … probably, hopefully, just a mistake by an employee (like the watermark gate) and it will be fixed again with the next update … in a couple of months. :smile:

Sorry, sarcasm.

I don’t think this is how to works on the doorbell…

Edit: I just got a notification and confirmed that the audio is automatically on…

You mean at your doorbell or eufy cam? Do you own a eufy cam and can check and confirm if the sound is disabled at your side also on every live stream?

I only have the eufy doorbell… I wish I had a eufycam :sweat_smile:

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You’ll better wait until it is perfect and as announced and promised in the campaign. I hope you not that old … as it can take a while :wink:

… or i will send you some to your next birthday :gift:


… i just noticed another “bad change” from this update:

They have “killed” the icon/option to switch during live stream between “night vision” and regular day mode! :-1:

Maybe not important for most of you, but as the night vision mode starts much too early (and also has been reported - see below) i liked to be able to switch between the modes whiole livestreaming. Now its not possible anymore :roll_eyes:

@AnkerSupport Every update is in the meanwhile more “fear” about “what the hell they make worse (verschlimmbessert) this time?”, instead of joyful anticipation about what has fixed or sensefully added. LOL part 1. You may think about what another customer suggested yesterday: Let us users decide which firmware or app version we want to use and if we want to keep a good working one or a newer but more worse version. This will prevent “nightmares” and “cold fear sweat” everytime a new update is incoming. LOL part 2. :yum:

Sorry, just some yami black humor :smiling_imp:

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Yes I did notice the night vision mode switch missing last night, think I was the first to complain about it switching too early & the auto mode switch doing nothing

Will test if the auto mode switch works yet tonight

Eufy REALLY NEED to make updates optional, I think this is the only device that forces updates, everything else you can choose whether to update, I think I’m going to roll back the app & I’ve just disable the app auto update

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Look what I just got back

My auto app backup hasn’t been running properly (due to phone battery management) so not sure how far I’ve gone back dated 05/06 which is the same date as the previous homebase update according to the messages in the app

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Good idea. But in general sad that we have to do so!