Eufy Cam 2 C - Extended USB Storage

If you had come here and searched prior to purchase, you’d have known.

We do our best here.

As to next steps, Anker employees speaking under the Soundcore brand said their greatest source of customer feedback is Amazon, so if you bought it there, without venting just state it doesn’t support expandable storage and give an appropriate review score factoring it’s pros. It probably going to get noticed more there than here.

Remember to not vent as when I read a review with an obvious chip on shoulder I doubt their balance, so just be balanced fair and I’m sure it will do the most good.

We need to support extended USB storage for EufyCam2 …

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I frequently empty the stored videos in my homebase 2 memory, sometimes every day. I am using the system for domestic security, which is what it is suited to. It is not at the moment suitable for high traffic high volume use like business / retail premises. I knew that when I purchased it, because i did a bit of prior research. If I had a business I would get wired system, suitable for continuous recording if required. If I want o keep a clip, or series of clips I use individual delete. I would say that if Eufy would allow marking of video clips with a ‘do not erase’ flag ( like most dashcams allow ), so that I can do a bulk erase to clear all clips except the marked ones that would be fine with me.

Cheers @professor

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I just received the eufy Security, eufyCam 2C 4-Cam Kit, Wireless Home Security System with 180-Day Battery Life, HomeKit Compatibility, 1080p HD, IP67, Night Vision, No Monthly Fee, plugged in a USB Drive in the back.

So now what, is this getting returned like the Arlo’s?

I have five cameras setup next to five Arlos’s and was ready to send back the Arlos’s, but without USB Storage all may be going back.

Is this just a fake USB Slot? WTH

I have the same question. Please advise! Thanks

Unsure what the fuss is myself. I have the 2 cam version and almost all triggers come from me n family or deers. I have to delete a lot due to kids or inlaws go in or outdoors a lot. I have probably have over 100 plus and it takes up only .4 to record for 20 sec. If I up that it would be 1.2g at max.

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Agree, for something as expensive as Eufy products, I’d do my research deep enough to buy only if I knew it matched my needs. To complain after purchase is just a sign of inadequate research. I also never believe a promise, look for reviews and see it does now exactly what you need now.

Not complicated to do this so my tolerance for those postumous asks is nil.

I can think of at least 1 good reason to not have USB storage - filesystem corruption on a power unreliable setup.