Eufy Cam 2 and Apple Homekit - Is this available now or not?

I have my new eufyCam 2C 2-Cam kit and the website presents instructions for setting it up with Apple HomeKit. The instructions do not work. All the firmware is up to date on the HomeBase 2 and the 2C cameras. I am using te eufy Security app version 1.5.7_393 on iOS 13.2.3 on my iPhone. The instructions do not match what I find in the app - there are no settings to activate HomeKit.

Is this an actual feature, or something I still need to wait for? It seems strange to have the instructions on the product website and not working. I have already wasted a lot of time with no progress.

Instructions for setting up with HomeKit:

The product website where I found the instructions:

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Yesterday, I downloaded an update to the Eufy Security app (v1.15042). When I went to settings My Devices base station, there was an option to activate homekit. When I tried this I only got error (-103).

Today, the activate homekit option is gone.

Maybe will be active and functional soon?

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