Earbuds shuts down and disconnects

Hi folks,

I just bought Liberty Air yesterday and give it a full charge.

The issue is that both earbuds shuts down and disconnects from phone almost after 1 minute.
I turn them on by holding 2 seconds, but when I play a song they both shut downs after between 5-10 seconds and the same happens again and again.

I did reset them multiple times. Currently using iPhone 6S Plus and tried them with also Galaxy A30, iPhone XMax. > Same result!

I also tried turning on only the right (master) earbud and woala! It runs forever. But if I turn on left one, same scenerio happens again and again and again…

What might be the issue?


Seems to me like the left earbud isn’t charging, take a look inside the case and make sure nothing is blocking the charging pins. Also make sure you removed the plastIc from the charging pins


According to user manual, earbud leds was always on when charging and they turned off when fully charged.

I also have to be able to use right one as master all alone. I can, but when I turn on left one they both shut down in 5-10 seconds…

Currently, when I open up the case, LEFT earbud blinks once every 5 seconds. There is no explanation for that in anywhere on Google…

The fact that they are shutting down when you connect the left one shows that the left earbud isnt fully charged. This is why they both shut off because its dead, how long did you charge it for? And forget what the manual says about the lights turning off when fully charged. You start focusing in that and you will end up over complicating something simple.

The case is fully charged, pairing is completed successfully and I can listen music from both earbuds

Please check out the video to see what happens: https://streamable.com/9znxw

Up to 0:18 > Unpair earbuds and forget.
@00:41 > Reset right earbud
@00:58 > Reset left earbud
@01:15 > Pair earbuds and connect to phone
@02:31 > Left one blinks red once (it seems like a warning, it also blips as sound)
@02:45 > Both earbuds blinks red once and shuts down AND music player stops
@02:55 > Turn them on manually and play again AND almost immediately both earbuds blinks red again and shuts down
@03:15 > Turn on left one first, but it shuts down before I turn on right earbud. So you will see that the right earbud works continuously without left one turned on.
@03:54 > When I turn on left one, they both shuts down and music app stops again.
@04:10 > Check to see the case is charged almost 50%
@04:20 > Put right earbud into case and it blinks continuously which shows its charging
@04:27 to end> Put LEFT earbud into case and you will see that it blinks irregularly.

I just bought this device yesterday…

Sorry to hear your Liberty Air not working properly. I know this is frustrating, and we hope to make up for this inconvenience. Please try the following steps to see if it helps at all.

  • Please try to reduce the distance between your right earbud and your audio device, like having your audio device in your right pocket or right side, as your right Soundcore Liberty Lite earbud is the master (main) earbud. The right earbud connects to your audio device and to the left earbud.
  • Please try to put the earbuds back in the case and take them out, double press the buttons on the earbuds and test them again.
  • Reset your Bluetooth connection by turning off your device’s Bluetooth for at least 10 seconds and then turn it back on. Please note, turning Bluetooth off and back on quickly will not reset the connection. Please also try to close the Apps not using on your device.

If the issue still persists, it seems that your Liberty Air is unusual, please don’t hesitate to contact us at service@soundcore.com by detailing your order number and the problem you come across. We will reply you within 24 hours.

I have exactly same problem with same model. Phone is redmi note 8 pro. Only when I take the earbuds from the fully charged case, they work for about one song - 3-5 minutes, and then they shut down, starting with the left one (at first it looses and restores connection on its own 2-3 times). After that if I turn them on, no matter the sequence, they shut down after 5-10 seconds.

It did at first seem to me that the battery in the left one is dead. I didn’t use them for about 9 months, but the case was fully charged before I put them away. Now when I found them in my drawer the case showed two leds charged.

Is there a solution to this problem?