Do we have a firmware update for Zolo Liberty plus



Does anyone know if anker have produced any updates or firmware for Zolo Liberty plus buds??


Not yet, i hope they will produce some..


@AnkerOfficial are you going to do liberty updates even Zolo isn't existent anymore? I mean you have the light version under soundcore so it shouldn't be a problem, right?


Well, I have the Zolo Liberty plus !! And there definitely not extinct!! Also not working! There just a piece of overpriced JUNK!!


Why not shed some light on your issues you have with them and what’s going on. It’s easy to slander a product and company but at least provide insight on what’s going on for others to know


So technically no one has the Liberty+ version different from V0.3.1.7 . Thought it’d be perfect if the Liberty+ could has a custom EQ functionality =}} (if it will be updated of course)


Sorry for the delay in replying to your post,
To reply about the zolo plus,the simple solution to the problem was to simply take the metal mesh out from the earbuds and hey presto the volume problem was sorted!! Now my next question is why did the techs at anker not even try such a low tech solution and then work on a fix for all us unqualified numpties !! Many thanks


Yeah I dunno, but they listened and replaced the mesh with a better higher quality one in all their newer headphones and earbuds