Data backup habits



So I categorize data by importance.

  • is if my original content and I would be miffed by loss
  • my original I can lose
  • other’s content I can lose
  • other’s content I cannot lose.

Based on this then:

  • I keep a “master” copy which is my current regularly working system, usually a laptop. I have a background script I wrote which copies it to two Raspberry Pi type devices, one in my house, one in a family member’s house, I use rsync over ssh to a Veracrypt volume, to encrypt in transit and at rest. The total data is small currently about 2GB.

  • I have scripts which when one of my 4 portable devices connect will sync the delta. So I have 2 to 6 places my current data is kept. I have these scripts as icons on my portable devices.

  • less important data I use just copy using the internal storage in devices, this usually exists in 4 places. These are usually media and usually in the 100GB-200GB region.

  • infrequent backups of less important data I copy ad-hoc to different harddrives.

  • work related files so not my data, I use their official backup tool so if they lose it is their fault.

I added it up and my data exists into up 9 places, but never less than 3 places.


Whenever you may visit Munich in Bavaria you are welcome and we will take a beer together.:grin:


It is easy to have a backup when you don’t have lots of data and version/copy of data. I sometimes had to keep several version of the backup (by dates and by people). There are many tools though, some is available as open source softwares.


Just looking into cloud backup options at present for my Synology NAS system at home (9TB worth of disks, 6TB usable (3TB redundancy))…probably going to be costly per year but with the amount of data I now have it’s wise I think to have an offsite failsafe :slight_smile:


I may have not done data backup for a year…
I’m really lazy sometimes…:joy:


Yes, I will upload all my photos into i Cloud.
I haven’t used hard drives to store information for a long time.


So you pay money?

I just use Google Photos. It’s free!


I remember one of my students, when his disc was really physically damaged.
But fortunately the crash happend in those parts where the directory of the disc was stored.
So we could save his data. You may imagine how happy this fellow was.

Of course he had NOT made any backups. Very unusual for a student of computer science! :confused:


“Free” ? Are you sure? Did you check the T&C’s?


Yep, you’re just limited to up to 16MP photos and 1080p videos. More than good enough for me.


It’s free but not if you want to store photos at full resolution unless you have a pixel or pixel 2.


I use several methods of backups. I currently have two online backups of all of my information. I have at least 4 physical copies of my data on external hard drives, flash drives, etc. Every new file that gets created gets put on all four of the physical backups immediately, and gets uploaded to the cloud if/when I feel it is important enough to warrant so.


Have you lost your data before, so now you are so careful with your data backups.:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


True, but when I take a picture with my phone, the resolution they store for free is more than good enough for my purposes. If I take a photo with my DSLR or if I want to keep video at 4k/60fps I will store that locally somewhere and not in google photos for the reasons you’ve mentioned.

I think that it ends up being a sweet deal.


Most of it is servers I run at home. One day I was running out of space on my i7 hosting machine so I deleted an old server that I thought I didn’t need anymore. Little did I know that I would need that exact server two years later. Nowadays, I don’t delete anything because I never know when I will need it next and I have the storage to keep it.


Personally I prefer to store all of my pics at Max resolution but that’s a good point.


Same with me. I actually do use Google Photos, but only because it’s easier to share afterwards, and most people I share photos with don’t mind the loss in resolution anyway. But I also use other methods for my photos - Flickr, my NAS and two separate external drives. :sunglasses: :camera:


Must phone cameras aren’t over 16MP anyway @Jesse_Hernandez1


Not that anyone is likely to care but this my backup strategy using AISbackup.

I have two backup drives. Let’s call them A and B.
Every odd hour I backup my most important files to A. - Keeping 40 generations.
Every even hour I backup my most important files to B. - Keeping 40 generations.

Every odd day I backup all my files to A. - Keeping 1 generation.
Every even day I backup all my files to B. - Keeping 1 generation.

That’s incremental backupping so it’s not that I backup TBs a day.


Yes, we can backup data for free like Google Photo or Dropbox, but all of them have limitation. If we use computer to backup data, we should be sure the large storage space, and the security of the data is also important. We can use Android Transfer to backup all Android phone to computer, or iPhone Transfer to backup iOS device data to computer in clicks. Whichever backup tool we use, quicker and safe are very important.