CES 2019 Recap

May be a Wall Plug, and might look like a Powerport Speed 5, reduced / compact size with multiple USB-C charging ports, white shade

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Congratulations to Anker and the winners! :clap:

Can’t wait to see and get my hands on Wakey!

Same here, I especially would like to get my hands on one of the icon speakers and a wakey.

I really want a PD 4. Leaving for an extended trip to LATAM next week with way too may chargers and cables…

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I didn’t even catch Soundcore Journey! Looks really sleek :heart_eyes:

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I hear you. It is a zoo of charging technologies currently.

My most recent purchase was a Huawei tablet, it has “FCP” which is 9V 2A / 5V 2A and it happens to overlap USB PD at 9V 2A.

I have a Google Pixel C it is 5V 3A. If I plug its charger into my Huawei table they decide 5V 1.8A.

I have Powercore Fusion 5000, it should output 5V 2A, if I plug into my Pixel C it says 5V 2A but in my Huawei it is 5V 1A (why?).

I have a OnePlus 6 phone it has its own “DASH” charge and it seems ok on 5V 2A.

All this means is I cannot buy a single charger which makes everything charge at its fastest possible speed. Grrr.

Buy a USB meter I guess to work it all before you leave.

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