Capsule Bluetooth speaker mode not working.

Probably a repeat topic but I tried searching to no avail. Just updated my Capsule and now Bluetooth speaker mode isn’t working. Seems to be crossed up with the sleep mode, maybe. (Blue logo is flashing slowly off and on). Prior to updating, the speaker mode worked fine but the video apps did not (YouTube, Netflix, Now it’s the exact opposite. I’ve rebooted several times, disconnected and reconnected my iPhone, etc. nothing is working. Any suggestions?

Hi there,

Thanks for bringing this case to our attention.

We actually haven’t heard of this issue before. May I know your current system version after the update through settings>about>system version? Please go through settings>about>recovery and try again to see if the problem remains.

If the issue remains, I would appreciate if you could contact us at and provide us a short video to display the issue so that we could verify and assist further. Thank you!

Anker Support Team