Bolder LC90 and LC40 Owners, HELP!

LC90 and LC40 owners, can you shine some light :rofl: on this question?
Do these torches remain in high mode until battery is depleted (3 flashes and switch off)?
I’m testing the full to empty on high, but have a feeling it stepped down to medium at some point.
I say this as after the torch automatically turned off, I turned it on again but it turned on in medium.
I’m pulling together a little review and didn’t want to quote inaccurate run times.

I think it drop down over time. I swear my dropped to medium and then to low as the battery was depleted.

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Thanks @Element321
I’m doing another test tonight so will see what results it get.

keep us up today.

I just ordered a couple more torches and plan on testing them before sending them out for Christmas gifts.

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Will do!
That’s exactly what I’m doing with this, after a review it’s going to dad for Christmas.

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The ones I bought are going to my dad. I was thinking about getting another one for my brother but he’s got a few big ones that work paid for.