Black Friday cancelled?

BBC News - Black Friday: Which? warns over price offers

I’ve yet to see a true sale from Anker of any items. Anyone see a net new low price?

Can put those savings into some good bevies :shushing_face:

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I knew 22 months ago that a pandemic was going to cause prices to increase as it disrupts supply and causes some demand to increase, I knew it was going to be unpredictable which items it would affect.

I got all I needed back then. I don’t need to buy anything now, but if a few items were to break/lost then I’d be looking at buying and I must say the prices are all eyewateringly high. Two anecdotes below with evidence, prices rougly tripled.

Example item I used regularly (used it yesterday) is the Powercore II 6700 which is my smallest most compact and something of an EDC when on foot with no bag. I had my Covid booster jab yesterday and they are finnicky about backpacks etc so just phone, keys, Powercore, to allow for a long queue (wasn’t a long queue).

That item is today £30

When I bought it


The fact it still works 4 years later is a credit to Anker quality, but the prices are now are ridiculous.

I’d simply not buy a 6700 at that price from Anker. I’d make do with my next biggest Powercore which was this from over 2 years ago and observe price paid then vs price now.


Yes it’s crazy, just crazy. But as you say, all very predictable.
Give it a while with inflation rising and people will naturally have less available income.
When people tighten the purse strings and spend less the prices tend to start dropping.
The people who are sensible with their money and didn’t impulse buy are the ones who win out.


The problems of such special offers is evident.
The calculation is done often on a basis that doesn’t exist.
eg. non-binding guide price
and/or often the shipping costs are immersive.

Many dealers are very inventive creating special offers.
Always tricky.

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You are absolutely right about that. I just might stop by the store and get me a 6 pack to wash down the turkey this Thursday lol


I think @paulstevenewing had a gravy beer last year… not that he’d look for a repeat… :nauseated_face:


As he is our special tester here I am sure he will never taste a beer again which was a disaster.

Of course I could get my hands on theset exotic stuffs here as well.
But I don’t dare.


Mashed potatoes with gravy and a gravy beer, yum! Lol
:rofl: :face_vomiting:

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