Behind the Scenes at CES 2019!

The wakey, icon and the icon mini definitely peaked my interest will they be available in Canada when it’s released to the public??

Hahahahaha! :laughing:

Is this what people think is a powerhouse?

Looks like a projector to me…

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@furkist Look at this for 30 seconds:

Then look at the carpet. You’ll see Anker’s newest super-secret charging bot!

Prizm pro II from what I could make of it as well

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Projector is at this spot on video

FCC here but specs are not there yet so differences not obvious yet unless its been explained to a journalist somewhere I missed.

Mysteries revealed here:

Anker has now announced the Prizm II Pro, which is powered by Android TV 9.0. The only difference compared to the existing model appears to be the built-in Android TV — it still has a 1080p resolution, a brightness of 200 ANSI lumens, and dual 5W speakers. Anker has not yet revealed pricing or a launch date.

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Wouldn’t a non-portable projector make most sense to have a pairing capability to the stereo soundcore speakers to place either side of the screen for stereo sound to complement the image. Would that be implicit from the fact it is running an OS? Even a couple of small speakers pointed right back at the projector would work quite well, probably better than the speaker int the projector plus the projector would be making its own noise from the fan so the speaker being further from the people and the people being nearer the screen with the speakers nearer them be a better experience?

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A 5 w speaker works perfectly fine and gets loud that you don’t even hear the fan. And I’m sure you could pair external soeakers to it, but no one knows yet. In the nebula Mars II I could pair external Bluetooth speakers to it so hopefully we can with this too


Don’t know if I could guess correctly the exact products.
But my guess is that they are 4 amazing products that will leave us all drooling in eager anticipation of them being realeased. :tongue:

But just incase il go once from each-
Anker - new Powerbank
Soundcore - new speaker
Eufy - new robovac
Nebula - new projector

Lol too vague? :yum:

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have a great show. the new Roav looks nice

Prism 2 pro
Icon Mini

Has to be designed in to not be video out of sync with audio, this is one of the problems with some setups I’ve dabbled with.

Also a reminder to an earlier CES some products never actually happened as Joshua said already, such as this one

This is one reason I never go Kickstarter and wait, I’d rather pay full price for a real product than a discount for a promised product.

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Google assistant for your car like alexa

That is on its way as speak and is available for pre-order :slight_smile:

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I never had issue with video and audio being out of sync when using the nebula Mars II and my Two Flares for sound

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OK so I know Anker is not dumb so the fact I cannot see a point in this makes me think I’m missing something, I’m not understanding.

You can get Google Assistant on your phone, you’d not leave home in a car without a phone. So you got Google Assistant with you in your car already. If your car has BT (newer cars do) then the phone is tied to speakers and mic of the car. Your phone will be likely connected (cradle, wired, wireless) to the 12V DC socket most of the time anyway. Phones are now so big you’d not sit with the phone in your pocket.

So what exactly can you do with this Roav you can’t already do just equally as well?

Also, what prevents every “ok Google” device in the vehicle responding? Imagine you got a passenger and two Google Assistance operating phones, you’d get three devices responding?

I am obviously missing something here so please don’t be worried I can be insulted by simple explanations.

I’m not wanting to be critical, I’m wanting to learn. Love tech.

That’s my thought as well with a lot of that. One thing that I did see as being a reason is for people who do not have an android phone as well as if you do not have your phone set to unlock with “hey google”. I have a galaxy s9+ and I do not have it set to unlock my device if I say okay google (my work does not allow for the feature to be on). Another thing that ties in with that is for people who have their home integrated with smart devices. I have a touch key front door, integrated lights, a lenovo smart hub and numerous other things that are using Google assistant. When I am near home, I unlock my phone, say “Hey Google, I’m home” so that my door unlocks, let’s others know “Robot Overlord” is home, turns on my speakers to spotify throughout the house, and adjusts the thermostat. I can definitely see a market for the Bolt. Not just for situations such as myself, but for people who do not have phones at all as well. My father refuses to have a phone outside of the landline at my parents home and a pay as you go in case he breaks down, so it is something her could use for sure.

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With Apple devices, “ok Google” should be fine and operational at home or car ( with Roav bolt). Issues, if at all, may happen with the newer Android phones, likes of S8/S9 or Pixel.

Can this Roav Bolt function without the Internet?

I do the same on my smartwatch as a backup phone, which also has Google Assistant.