Astro3e charging issue

My astro3e has been a champ battery, but it’s developed an issue.
The model features 4 lights across the bottom with a power button in the middle, sort of like this:
o o O o o
normally, the lights come one when being used to show battery level. And they ordinarily come on in sequence (right to left) to increasing charge level.

Recently, when plugged in for charging, all 4 lights flash in an usual pattern
all 4 lights flash one, then they flash quickly in right-to-left sequence twice, then all the lights flash on
(this might not be the precisely correct sequence)

So what gives and how to fix it?

Hi @Charles_Goodwin,
Does your power bank still work otherwise, or is it failing to recharge? Also, have you tried another charger and/or charging cable to see if it still occurs? Feel free to reach out to Please include your Order Number if possible when writing to the support team. Thank you!

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What he said. They will likely send you a brand new one with no hesitation if they cannot help you fix the problem!

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