Anker's DC-to-USB-C cable "We Love Testing" Review

Recovering depends on age.
The older you are the worse is recovery. :grinning:

Anything is possible but my best prediction is it won’t work.

You need 42V and 20V is simply not going to work, unless the board is designed to accept 20V, you’d need to see a charger someone proved worked at 20V. Volts determine if it works, current then determines how well it works. Power doesn’t mean much.

Power Delivery can go to 100W via 20V 5A, you need a special cable for 5A as heat in the cable is to square of current multiplied by resistance. As cross section is square of diameter you need 5/3 diameter increase. Or a cable much shorter. The Anker DC cable is rated for 20V 3A.

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I guess I’ll stick with the charger that comes in the package and worst comes to worst I can just order a backup charger from the site. Thanks for the help!

Thanks Chris for your review. I’m hoping they sell the cable with all the fittings for various laptops as well as a wall plug, only then will I buy it. I really don’t want to guess which tip fits my new Asus Zenbook, I would rather have them all and test each one to see which works.
Its crazy how such a small frame laptop has such a huge powerbrick. The laptop weighs barely 2 pounds and the charging brick is almost 3lbs so go figure

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New laptops designs tend to accept USB PD power directly. If so you don’t need this Anker PD to DC cable but rather just a USB cable.

What’s the exact model?

@professor its an Asus Zenbook
model: UX434FLC-XH77

It has USB-C, but will not charge from that port

You’re correct, shame.

4.0mm * 1.35mm positive tip.

I’m seeing the Anker cable ends:

So on the face of it none will work.

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trust me, when I first got it it was the very first thing I did was to see if I could ditch that power brick. All I can say is that I’m glad I didn’t buy it, because for what it cost it darn better have PD charging to earn my money

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They take time to process.

One review in UK and is positive

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Same. Mine is new but not a Thunderbolt port so it will not charge. Lame.

Why is it fair? To me it it sounds like he didn’t check to see if it was compatible in the first place and no comments about reaching out to customer service. That’s why I think it’s a bad review

So the negative review, the product says

Where it says Zbook.

The words further down in details says

“Please ensure that the DC connector (4.5 mm × 3 mm) is the right size for your device.”

Reviewer laptop is a Zbook

The diameter of the charger pin is correct. The difference is the length, it’s been designed too short by Anker.


They’d not see any reason to think it wouldn’t work. I’d say this is the fault of Anker not listing specific Zbooks don’t work.

Now as to why it doesn’t work, without knowing exact model I can’t check, but if I go to HP site I see many chargers , same barrel, but they differ by Wattage.


I see 45W to 200W, so in the absence of details my hypothesis is this laptop needed more than the 60W, which if they’d come here and asked to read off the specs off their supplied charger, we could have found the minimum Watts for the model and formed a prediction. For sure if a charger is more than 60W it’s a warning might not work.

But, because Anker has a no quibble return policy on Amazon it’s easy to return for refund.

I predict many negative reviews until Anker does a better description, e.g. take this failure and grow a list of Zbook it shown don’t work.

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I find that sad @AnkerOfficial don’t you think that there should be more redirects to this page (Forum) rather than the homepage, which mainly takes you to Amazon. @professor is right if that reviewer would have known about this forum and come here, that would have probably been edited to a 4 star. I am noticing that the plug can be || that far out and not charging, (yes the space between the lines) I also do not think this is totally Anker’s fault. My regular charger has a tendency to slowly fall out of place over time, sometimes. So, I think it’s a combo of the short tip and HP’s ports not “holding on” well.

We get lots of people coming here for support help, and some venting.

Suppose that reviewer had come before pucharse and asked, I’d say:

  • it says Zbook so looks likely to work
  • I’d ask for a photo of their charger, look for a little less than 20V and not exceed 3A, and if so say it would probably work.
  • we’d likely tag Anker to double check if known to work or not work, chances are Anker doesn’t know either, and so we’d conclude buy it, if fails then return+refund and note that Zbook doesn’t work.

So in this case I suggest the user is not at significant fault, and its mostly bad Anker detailed exclusion, and bad design.

There are plenty of unfair reviews, in this case I think its fair review.

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Great review, can’t wait to see the final one. Would love to see photos when you get around to it!

Yea agreed. Someone said it was a bad review? Whatever. The full review will be up by dinner time. Photos and all.

Oh sry. It’s odd, when I search on Amazon, I can’t find it. So I can only go off of what others have said.

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Same, I mean it took a long time to come, which is why the review is taking longer.

It’s all good, no worries :+1: