Anker's another innovation; eufy Security Wi-Fi Video Doorbell, 2K Resolution!



Yea, you don’t know who has a pacemaker, weak heart, or other heart issues that could be triggered by low voltage. In addition, its enough to cause shock which would throw someone back to some degree which depending on the environment can end up being very bad.

This also sets a bad mindset to not be respectful of electricity.


Great in depth review @DrMajidHanif! Lovely pictures too!

Confused by the poll addition, video doorbells all the way! :joy:


I don’t know how I should connect my doorbell to 20V.

I need “technical instructions” :rofl:


:rofl: Yeah that was the fun part here… agreed with your confusion…


Nice very detailed review and yet it’s still easy to read :relieved::relieved: one day I’ll buy one just need to go on sale :+1:

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That was a great in-depth review, quite informational, thank you.


I will have my review up soon. It will definitely include full sun and night videos.


this looks great! thanks for all of the pictures, very helpful


Nice review, now I super want one haha :smile:


Great review :+1: and love the pictures


I’d love to know if that thing will be available in Germany…


Ill definitely be picking one of these up at some point!


I would add the videos and other edits too time to time…


Yes, it will be available in Germany. But the releasing date is still not fully decided yet, stay tuned for more news in the community.


that’s great!


Too bad we few poor over the pond are too late
to take part in the test program of that doorbell.
So I have to use my old one. :rofl:



it doesn’t look Old though…It’s ancient one :rofl:


thanks for the reviews great pictures


NO!!! Dangerous Voltage needed.

Just turn and ring the bell… :rofl: