Anker Product stories and opinions

I would like start this thread so we can communicate between each other aka dedicated Anker customers. Anker has a ton of products, even a few I didn’t know they made. So my thinking is, instead of having to go all over to different sites, like amazon, to check reviews, which are usually wrong for one reason or another. Basically I’m saying this is a trusted community, we all love Anker and their other companies, so why don’t we have a thread that reviews products, instead of many many different uploads from users, this way it all in one place. No searching. Let me know what you guys think. If no, I’ll delete the Thread.


What your talking about is what the review section is for…plus you can search each persons individual review rather than an ever growing single thread.

Having all reviews in a single thread would be a nightmare for most to decipher or read through with everyones different review styles…


ok so basically the idea i had already exists, lol thanks. BTW you moved my Thread about the Anker App and I no longer have access to it…

The thread regarding an app was merged with this existing thread;

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thanks buddy