Anker powerconf standby mode


My anker powerconf is connected from the usb type c port to a rpi usb port and is used for voice assistant.

The problem is that after a while the product enters a standby mode and stops reacting to my wakeword.

Anyone know how to solve this?

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Hi @dror.israel.private
There are a few users here with a PowerConf and hopefully will be able to shine some light on this for you.

@Shenoy You able to shed any light on this? I always switch mine off when not in use.

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If you connect the PowerConf to the Soundcore app, do you have any standby options to adjust?

@paulstevenewing Anker PowerConf never powers-off while connected via USB-C cable to the PC and continues to operate. I have myself never faced this with Windows 10 machine. Never tried with the Raspberry Pi or Chromebook, will try it (dont have a smart assistant)

@ndalby via the Soundcore App, the standby time available are 5 min, 10 min, 30 min and 60 min. These are applicable only for the Bluetooth connection, not applicable for connections via the USB-C cable.

@dror.israel.private can you please answer the below

  1. Can you please confirm if the PowerConf powers down when you mention it as not responding ?
  2. is there anything you do to wake up PowerConf?
  3. Is there a specific time in minutes or hours after which the PowerConf stops responding.
  4. Does the Smart Assistant application you use on Raspberry Pi remain active when you use a different speaker? (I know i faced issue with the setup on Raspberry Pi, the mic would stop listening)

Also drop a note to Anker Support with your issue. (I am skeptical is Raspberry Pi OS / Raspbian might be supported for the application)

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I need to get approval on each post so it takes time …

It seems that the speaker is active.
Only the mics stops listening after a while.
The lights stops responding to voice as well.
I can not wake the mics after this happens

May be write a script to play a blank audio file of 1-2seconds every 10 min, to keep the audio connection active for PowerConf. Not sure how this would conflict or work with the Smart Assistant application.

Also, have you written to Anker Support yet?