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Apart from the second ww, what’s happened over there.

That’s what we’re taking about…

Oh ok.

Don’t get me wrong, what happened was tragic, and shouldn’t have happened (in hindsight) even if it did end the war.

This was like 70+ years ago, and I’m surprised it hasn’t moved on.

Ok, we weren’t nuked, but several areas of England were bombed badly, same with Germany, but it’s moved on.

I’m surprised that it’s still a place that’s struggling all these years later, when the rest of Japan including Hiroshima has moved on and are great cities again.

It’s sad if it’s still struggling, and needing outside help.

War is a bad thing to happen, though these are political the real sufferers are the people. life lost is a sad thing, wherever it is. worst thing with nuking is the aftermath and effects which are still found with the gene mutation and other biological issues faced by generations to come :cry::frowning_face:

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