Anker goes public (IPO) ticker: 300866


Who of you here is really in share business? :grinning:

There is a type of virtual share called stock options, you don’t really own them but you get to keep the gain if they increase. I got some once as a prize in a competition, then a recession then rebound meant I couldn’t make a gain for 5 years.

Personally, I prefer businesses to be private as then what the business needs is done, rather than what the stockholders think the business needs.

Slightly proud they got to $1B annual revenue, there has been some good workers, in customer support, some good engineering also. Good to see hard work wins.

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I had stock options but they were real not virtual, some were offered and transferred to me right away and few times they hold it for “lock-in” period before they transfer.
It’s rare to happen now, except for the executive leadership team (ELT)

I’ll be watching this intently…

Currently ranging from $18 to $28 per share depending on currency.