Anker Gear as an undergraduate student

I saw a post on here the other day showing off the Anker collection of a fellow college student so I decided to share my own collection today.

1x Wakey Alarm Clock
1x Motion+ Speaker
1x Flare Mini
1x Powerport III Nano
1x Powerport II
1x Powerline+ II USB - Lightning
1x Powerline MircoUSB
1x Anker Powerwave 7.5 with fan
1x Anker Powerport II Mini
1x Anker Boulder flashlight
1x Nebula Capsule Max
1x Roav Powerdrive+ III Duo

I use these items on the daily from waking me up in the morning to listening to music while studying to charging my tech at night.


Odd you don’t have a Powercore to survive a long day from a wall socket?

I haven’t been an undergraduate so for decades but the last training course I did they didnt have power near the desks so I made heavy use of a Powercore I shuffled between recharging my device and the distant wall socket.

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Nice collection you got there

Great collection @trevorhoward4141
I love the Wakey in black, mines white. Still love it, but the black looks awesome.

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I have a couple portable batteries they’re just Mophie not Anker. Part of the reason is because I have the Mophie AC battery which Anker didn’t have a competitor for until this year at CES.

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Yeah the black is great I wanted one as soon as they came out but I decided to wait until I could get it in black.

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I think you replied to the wrong person lol and you meant to reply to @paulstevenewing

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Nice collection. I have a box full of anker gear a mixture of legacy products, products I no longer use, and new stuff waiting for me to use. My wife says I have issues and need help…

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Worth the wait I think :+1:t2:

It seems like we have big opportunity in student market! Lol
We indeed plan to cooperate with student beans platform to offer better discount to students.

Thank you for your sharing, you can even use one sentence to describe your using experience for each product. Or you can add product link in your thread to let visitors learn more information.:blush:

I gave away my Powercore 10000 yesterday as it had spent 3 months in a drawer unused.

The way to hide addiction is make more addicts to hang around with to make you look normal. So give more away :nerd_face:

I’m now down to only 6700 II , 10000 PD, 10000 PD Slim, 20000 PD, 26800



Nice I need to sit down and gather my anker tech and inventory it and see if I can get others addicted to the stuff I don’t need.

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So, that’s how it’s done :P:P:P Or get others so addicted that they try to outdo you, hence, you don’t have THE problem anymore :wink:

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Having that collection as an undergraduate is impressive. Someone has a job on the side I guess.

nice !!:laughing:

The wakey looks great in black

I’m always looking for discounts and I definitely like showing off my tech. Just about every time I use my projector around campus I have people asking me questions about or comment on my motion+ speakers. I have even applied for product testing before but have yet to been selected maybe one day though.

Good luck and keep trying. I’m sure you will one day

You will be selected someday!:blush: