Anker Charge Everything Giveaway - Round 3



Lucky you! But that doesn’t stop you from winning second time… anything can happen🤞🏻


this is true! I’m holding out to see if there are other things they give away. Got to save some of my luck :slight_smile:


My bad I thought they already did :rofl:


This would be an awesome prize. Fingers crossed and hope it is a community user if not me.


Winner was selected… don’t recognize the name, but that doesn’t mean anything


Great post! I’ve been on vacation, I missed this one. But good luck everybody!


Winner has been selected, not sure if this a a Community member or not


There is always the next time :no_mouth:


I hope whoever won enjoys it, I didn’t even enter because I know I wouldn’t use it as much as most other people would.


May be there a Round 4 :wink:


Yea let’s hope so! Seems like they are giving away every item they had in the original giveaway


In that case, there would be 3 more giveaways :+1:


I do like these giveaway events maybe a round 4 atleast the switch went to the bearded tech guy :blush:


9 followers, wow what a great social presence!

Not you shenoy


I hope I’m not wrong and we see more of those cool giveaways


Yea I’m glad a community member won one of the items :clap:


That is my thoughts as well. FYI- They just posted the final round at 11:30 Eastern time. Announcing on Friday


Thanks for sharing!


Welcome. And good luck to community. Hope that another community member wins so that it would be at least a 2 out of 4 win ratio. lol


Thanks for letting us know :+1: