Anker Auction House | Soundcore Flare Mini

Not much action on bidding :grin:… Whoever wins wil get an awesome prize for low PB auction.

I was hoping there wouldn’t be much action and get it for low price :joy:. Then realized @ndalby would be all over it towards the end lmao

:laughing::laughing: Good for the winner. Can’t wait to see who will win this time

Flare Mini are awesome speakers in pair, do give them a try :+1:

Yea I’ll try to get a second one if I get this one

Might as well bid now instead of later. 140 bucks

One hint… If you really have your eyes on the Flare Mini… Wait till the nth minute and bid, stop getting into bidding war, will drain your PB (if you win :sunglasses:)… I learnt it hardway, but you guys can learn it from our experience :blush:

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I love these but the time they end sucks for me personally. also is the last bid to count the one done at 12:00 making any at 12:01 invalid or is 11:59 the last minute making any done at 12:00 invalid I never really understood and was always confused as to who one because of this. But usually I’m asleep when it all happens anyway

23:58 23:59 00:00 PST — these 3 minutes are nerve wrecking :grimacing::grimacing::grimacing:

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It’s 11:59 pm. So 2:59 am here :joy:

And yea @Shenoy was planning on doing that. I know I would be in a war towards the end and will have to wake up just before 3am like @TechMan once did

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I bid 150 buckaroos

Oops :grin:

I bid 170 pb’s :slightly_smiling_face:

That’s one of the things I’m not a fan of with these ‘auctions’ (namely with no going…once, twice…sold etc.) is it can become a last minute grab and run exercise to use/gain from your virtual bucks…regardless whether the item is really wanted or not…nature of the beast I suppose…

That’s why I like the Collectives option of exchanging notes :wink:

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ooo love these auctions but always find that they go out of my price range pretty quickly.

Thanks for another Auction event @AnkerOfficial :+1:
Here I start another race… 180 bucks

All depends if you really like and need it… not just for hoarding the free stuff :smiley:

I prefer Anker Auction than any other events / competitions on Anker & Soundcore, combined… this is the ONLY contest which gives clear visibility of the competition and fight to win (not talking about PowerBucks… that has been done for :smiley: )

Yep, I think we’ve touched on that one before :laughing:

Raise to 200 pb :sunglasses:

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My daughter would love this for her bedroom! I’ll raise to 210!

I’ll go up to 220 bucks

Why not, my last for the evening 250 pb :smile:

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